Get On And Stay On The Path To Financial Abundance

financialhappiness Get On And Stay On The Path To Financial Abundance

As a financial advisor who believes in building financial abundance from the inside out, it’s my hope that everyone discovers financial happiness by opening their eyes to the possibilities of a new reality– a reality filled with a combination of prosperity and inner peace. Below are some of the financial insights I have learned over the years by really digging deep and understanding my clients.

•  Be true to yourself–Answer this question: What is the most important thing in your life? Is it your spouse, kids, siblings, parents, your health, career, hobby, pets? Now think about how you are currently living your life. Are the two consistent? Many of my clients live a life of inconsistency and they could manifest happiness (and wealth) much faster if they had listened to their inner compass.


• Do what you are passionate about, the money will follow–Like most people, I always thought that if you had millions, life was better. I also always thought that the surest sign of wealth was having lots of stuff, and that stuff was the key to happiness. I’ve since learned that my life doesn’t have to be dictated by money. And yours doesn’t either! Wealthy people are not necessarily the ones who have more. The richest people are the ones who put their passions at the center of their universe. When you are living a life of passion, the money will follow! Wealth is truly a state of mind. It involves being rich in every facet of your life.

• Remove the “crabs in your bucket”-As people make changes to live their passions and improve their financial situations, they often need to remove the negative influences from their life. This is what I call “Crabs in your Bucket,” the people who used to enable you. They may not be your best pals once you start living your ideal life and making different decisions. Do your best to stay on track and manage them.

• Harmonize your financial, family and personal worlds. Many of those I have counseled over the years are filled with shame, blame and guilt. Often times this is because they are dedicating too much of themselves to one area of their life. If you focus on the financials, you are likely at the office for the majority of the day, and then feeling guilty for missing out on quality time with family and friends. When your life is off-balance, happiness will never be achieved. An important step on your financial journey to happiness and abundance is to define your ideal life from every aspect. Once you acknowledge what this is, create a personalized plan to realize these ideals.

• Build what I call your “Personal Board of Directors” – These are people who support the dreams and desires you have. Think of them as your financial mentors.

• Determine your financial desires – Think about what you truly want out of life. This is not just about finances or wealth accumulation. What are you passionate about and what makes you happy?

• Support your intentions financially – Once you have determined your desires, open up accounts that support these dreams. Position yourself to be lucky by automatically putting money into these accounts each month. Save for your dreams first and spend what is left.

The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out

By Julie Murphy
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