Speak Up. Don't Suffer In Silence


Too many of us suffer in silence.

Pretending it’s okay…pretending we’re okay.

We keep ourselves stuck by silencing our inner voice and not utilizing our outer voice. Out of shame and fear we don’t ask for help and we don’t share our stories. Instead we seek isolation in an effort to escape the hurt, memories, shame or pain.

What you fail to realize is that you are NEVER alone in your experiences. There have been a multitude of people who have felt the same way before you and there are countless people who are feeling the same way now. You may not know them or see them, but they have the same feelings of anger, sadness, heartache, despair… They feel what you feel. You share each other’s fear.

No matter how unique and separate you may feel at least one other person, and most of the time countless other people, at some point in time have felt the same way. They too have felt down, depressed, discouraged; they have also wondered how they will make it through.

When you share your story you provide a platform for others to say “me too.” You provide an avenue for bonds to be created and communities to be formed. You give others their voice and an example that says it’s okay to speak up and say you’re not okay; to say this is not okay. And, perhaps most importantly, you let others know they are not alone; you let them know they don’t have to suffer in silence.

Don’t suffer in silence. Find your voice and use it to ask for help – use it to say “I’m not okay.” When you allow your voice to be heard you honor yourself and you lift a multitude of others who don’t have a voice with you. When you use your voice you start the process of facilitating healing within yourself and by healing yourself you heal a piece of the world.

Speak up. Be heard. Share. When you heal – I heal – We heal – The world heals.

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