mountain-stream-picture-id478639070 One’s true nature or beliefs

Lately, I’ve been watching different people to observe kind of the process of what they do to connect, and how they post and all that kind of stuff … and one of the things that I have noticed is that a lot of them – not all of them, but lots of them – they always have like perfect skin … not a mark on their face … no age spots or wrinkles. I’m not complaining …  I’m just saying: not everybody could have perfect skin. I know this sounds crazy. I know a lot of people use filters … I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. But it was new to me.

So that got me to looking at things through a different lens. And what I was noticing was how many images were out there with filters. Hmmmm … we put so many masks up in our daily lives … and in social media, a lot of people say our lives are shared in its “Facebook version” – all the things that are great that are happening out here. And then there are all the shitty things that happen in some aspects of the rest of our world, and we don’t share those.

I’ve never been one to feel that way. I feel like whatever’s happening is happening. And I want to share with you where I’m at, what’s happening, whether it’s good, bad, or otherwise. I also have a Mastermind group- a beautiful group of women that are really learning and working on vulnerability and authenticity and showing up. So, it kinda shocks me that there are so many people that go to social media and look at or listen to accounts of people that really aren’t being authentic, but then compare themselves to it. They compare themselves to the people that are using all these filters and making everything look like it’s perfect when it really just isn’t perfect … and then they are feeling bad about themselves and the buttons that it pushes and the triggers that that brings up.

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10 Steps to Authenticity

janblog1 10 Steps to Authenticity

The longest, most challenging journey I have ever taken was the one getting home to my true self. It took decades to arrive and I willingly chose to make many side trips through roles, responsibilities, expectations, careers, and marriages where I had to work day and night to become something other than who I truly was. But when I finally found my way back to the real me, the honest me, the most authentic me, there was no greater joy.

I’m not talking about a perfect version of me. I’m referring to the me as I am right now. Comfortable in my 60s. Curly, messy hair. The butt and boobs of a real woman. Wrinkles around my eyes and mouth from smiling at my husband and laughing at my children. It’s me waking up at 3 AM and still worrying about finances. And it’s me dancing around with my iPhone plugged into my ears, joyfully singing Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” Like I said, it's all about being yourself.

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Mindfulness and a Busy Mind


What have you put into your mind? What have you fed your mind for years? What vibrations have you filled your mind with? You can feel them now reflected in the state of your mind; at peace or at war, calm or agitated, a clear, calm lake or a monkey mind. It is what it is and so you must look at how to shift it into a mind that functions naturally, in a way that is always supporting your fullest expression and expanded state.

You have filled yourself with so many impressions, many that are vibrationally unsupportive and dense. The first step is to find a way to change your energy so that higher vibrational frequencies, more peaceful and aligned frequencies reflect within your mind.

You spend much of your life at war with life. You are in the habit of always wanting life to change, to be different from what it is and you spend so much time fixing it. You separate yourself from others through judgment and criticism and not allowing others to authentically be themselves. And you live an in-authentic life that requires that your mind work overtime being something that is not who you really are in order to win approval, acceptance and love.

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