9 Imagination Quotes to inspire your meditations

9 Imagination Quotes to inspire your meditations

I want to bring your attention to an important aspect of our minds, our Imagination.

Sometimes we need to stop living in an external world and journey inward to a different world. That world is our personal evolutionary journey made possible by our creativity and enabled by the most noble of our mental assets, imagination.

Exploring a problem to find a solution, connecting experiences from our past to understand some new aspect of ourselves, expanding knowledge that becomes wisdom, this is our journey and requires assistance from our imagination.

Inventing something new from something old whether it is an idea that benefits all of society or just makes our lives richer in some small way, requires imagination. Using imagination in a unique meditative visualization to reach higher states of consciousness is among the highest and best use of it for seekers. The greatest observable outcome is using imagination to visualize an intention during meditation to manifest a thing we desire.

I have included nine quotes about imagination along with my comments to explore this subject further. Review and reflect on these to inspire, inform, and energize your meditation practice.

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This is Your Very Best Manifesting Tool

portrait-artists-studio-picture-id482676276 This is Your Very Best Manifesting Tool

Oracle Cards are a Super-Link to Co-Creating and Manifesting!

Oracle cards are often mistaken for “fortune telling” devices, but in truth, they are a powerful tool in co-creating your reality with Spirit as your manifesting partner.

First off, let’s explore what an oracle actually is. The actual word comes from Latin “oraculum” then from “orare” which means “to speak, pray” (Merriam Webster).

It is known as an intermediary between the mundane world (ours) and the spiritual (Spirit/Universe/Source etc.). An oracle can be a person that gives you a message of wisdom from the divine, (like me) but it is also a medium through which to communicate directly with Spirit, your higher self, and your inner knowing and that can bypass your subjective truth that only comes from the experience and memory, desires and wants of your small self. It uses symbolic language to talk to you.

Oracle cards act as that medium. And, did you know that oracles have been around for thousands of years going all the way back to early goddess culture in Paleolithic and Neolithic times? They work the same way today as they did then!

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