Overwhelm, anxiety, depression… it’s everywhere!

Are you feeling it?

Whenever you operate in the ego mind code, you experience separation… fear… anxiety… overwhelm…

These feelings (or more accurately, low vibrational ‘frequencies’) happen when the energetics of your life is out of alignment with your own personal, spiritual and energetic capacity.

When you operate in the divine mind code, you embody the best version of you and you experience happiness. When you operate in the ego mind code, you become all too familiar with these feelings of suffering.

If you want to release these low vibrational frequencies, you must break the hold that the ego mind code has in your life.   Breaking this hold requires training your mind to practice new ways of thinking.

Just for fun, let’s imagine your ego mind is your new puppy. It’s name is Ego Puppy.

Everyone was born with an ego puppy.

It has already learned some terrible tricks from the rest of the litter, the untrained mother, and the mostly-absent father. When you discover Ego Puppy, you are convinced this feral creature has been roaming wild for centuries.

It is hard to believe it could have learned such obnoxious behavior in only a few months. It’s already ruining the carpet; chewing slippers, sneakers, and your most cherished items; stealing food; and regularly keeping the whole neighborhood up all night with its whining and barking.

Like the puppy Marley in the movie Marley and Me, it brings chaos and one crisis after another into your life.