Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: WORTH THE WORK

Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: WORTH THE WORK

My hips burn as I climb the path,
using roots as steps, but the view
is worth the work, always.

The way we climb questions until
we’re out in the open, able to
take in what we seldom see.

This is the purpose of questions,
to help us climb into the open.
Though, often, the heart burns
as we open.

This is not the pain of injury
but the pain of exercise. Like
pressing weights, we lift what-
ever’s in the way.

Only to put it down behind
us, not to deprive the next
seeker their climb, their work,
their training.

A Question to Walk With: Describe a climb you have made that has been difficult but which has been worth the climb.

This is from my book of poems in progress, The Gods Visit.

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