How to Establish Credibility [as a Coach, Speaker, Business Owner, or Leader]

How to Establish Credibility [as a Coach, Speaker, Business Owner, or Leader]

I’ve spent 40+ years of my life working as an internationally renowned and respected leader in the personal development field. I’ve spoken in front of crowds of 50,000 and brought them to their feet in ecstatic applause. 

I have also appeared on countless national TV shows, consulted with many Fortune 500 companies, trained thousands of people to become certified trainers, and have collaborated with some of the most successful people in America and around the globe.

And if there’s one thing I can tell you about the world’s most successful leaders – not to mention the secret to achieving recognition and lasting success as a coach, speaker, business owner, or leader in your own organization or industry – it’s this: 

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5 Leadership Styles to Know: What’s Yours?

5 Leadership Styles to Know: What’s Yours? - Jack Canfield

What does the word “leader” mean to you? 

For me, leaders are visionary, big-picture thinkers with the passion and charisma to inspire others to bring their vision to life. I believe that leaders aren’t born, they’re made – and that anyone can become a leader if they put in the time to cultivate the right skills and mindset. 

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The 3 keys To Enlightened Leadership

True leadership is really about how you live your life, even when no one is watching.”

There seems to be so much division in our world today, from the pandemic to global warming and climate change to political upheaval. We often look to other people, leaders, presidents, mayors, etc, to be the ones to fix the problems. But the reality is, no one is coming. And if change is going to happen, it has to start with you.

Listen to this episode and learn how to distinguish yourself as an enlightened leader. Regardless of who you are, your job, education, gender etc, we are all leaders. The world is in need of an even deeper meaning in the word leadership - enlightened leadership. Learn what this means and how we can all embrace this part of ourselves in order to truly give back and make the world a better place.

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Conscious Leadership


 As I am watching the campaigning on television for the Governor of Illinois where I currently reside, I am wondering about concept of conscious leadership. To give some background, in Illinois four out of last seven governors went to jail. We have a severe budget crisis due to budget stalemate that started in 2015 and went on for 793 days and finally ended in July 2017. Illinois was the first state to have credit rating go to “junk” status. State agencies have had to cut back on many essential services including healthcare for the people who needed the most care, which I experienced first-hand while taking care of my patients.

My question is, what makes a great leader? Is it education, wealth, charisma, power or strength? In my opinion, the 3 requirements for conscious leadership are personality, vision and values.

“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”--John C. Maxwell.

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