Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Today, let’s talk about the Law of Attraction. It’s been sitting in my mind and in my heart because so many people struggle with the Law of Attraction. They want to manifest all these things in their life, and yet they have this fear that if I say something, if I think something for too long, then I’m going to create that thing in my life. For example, if I worry about or I say out loud something like “I’m feeling not well” or “I’m not feeling great” – then I don’t want to say it out loud. I don’t want to talk about it. And I don’t want to put energy towards it.

I get that idea of not wanting to put energy towards things. I totally get it. I don’t want you to put energy towards it either. But when you have a thought or a feeling or you are taking an action and you are in a place where you are not you and it is a low vibration, you are creating resistance towards the fear in the first place. So, you just make it bigger. So, when we think about Law of Attraction, we think about the things that we are bringing to our lives. We’re focusing on either they’re kind of rooted in love, or they’re rooted in fear, right? If they’re rooted in fear and you have a thought like, “oh, I’m never going to be able to do blah, blah, blah.” Right? “Never going to make it to whatever it is you think you need to make it to.” So, I’m never going to make it to blah, blah, blah … and you have that thought, but you say, “Oh my God, I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to tell people. I don’t want to feel it.” – most of the time it is I don’t want to feel it, right? So, then what we do is we just keep pushing it down. We just keep pushing it down. We just keep pushing it down. And when you push that down, it gets bigger. The resistance of it makes it bigger. It makes it stronger. So, you’ve got to remember that those negative thoughts, those fear-based thoughts … they’re just thoughts. But when you try to hide them, when you try to push them down, when you try to ignore them or deny them, they are going to get bigger just because of the energy resistance.

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The Secret Gateway to Peace and Fulfillment

The Secret Gateway to Peace and Fulfillment - Guy Finley

Each spring great forces are released to work upon and within us. During this time of the year the possibility of making a brand new beginning in life is never greater. Why is this true? Because spring also “dawns” within us, and if we will align ourselves with the power of its presence, then working for us is the unstoppable principle of rebirth itself. But, if we would receive this new life, with all its promise, then we must be willing to sacrifice within us whatever stands in its way…


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In Oneness Life Is How Your Are

In Oneness Life Is How Your Are - Panache Desai

The majority of you who have been with me on the Call to Calm Meditation every morning, are finally out of survival. Some of you left relationships with narcissists where they didn’t have anything to do with you, you were roommates with no intimacy, no connection. 

Through your recalibration to peace, you have begun to open up to receiving, to harmony and you are on your way to complete conscious manifestation of your reality. However, the key is to not get stuck along the way. 

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Say It Loud—Now!

Say It Loud—Now! - Peggy Kornnegger

With the passage of legislation in Florida restricting discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, the “Don’t Say Gay” movement is gaining national momentum. Similar legislation is in progress in multiple states. Those of us in the LGBTQ community who marched for our rights in the 1970s­–1990s can hear echoing in our ears the rallying cry we chanted then: “Say It Loud: I’m Gay and I’m Proud!” The right to be who we are without fear or shame; the end of hatred and violence directed at us.

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Healing Is A Choice

Healing Is A Choice - Dr. Sue Morter

When it comes to healing and how to heal, we often have so many questions. As we explore this, let’s start with a concept, which may be new to you—

There is nothing to heal, because there is nothing broken.

This may not be how a typical conversation about healing begins, so let’s tie it all together with an explanation about how our body and our life collaborate with each other. We live in a quantum reality and that quantum reality is what you’re truly interested in becoming masterful at. 

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Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: At the Base of the Mountain

Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: At the Base of the Mountain

The Japanese monk, Ryokan,

returned to his hut in the moon-

light to find a frustrated thief. For

there was nothing to steal. So, Ryokan

offered him his clothes, saying, “You

have come such a long way to visit

me. Take these.”

The stunned thief scampered away

and Ryokan thought, Poor soul. I wish

I could give him this beautiful moon.

Nothing can be taken if it is given.

Nothing can be missing if left in

the open. Nothing is lacking if

we water what we chase, where

it lives, within us.


A Question to Walk With: Describe one thing you are holding onto tightly that would serve you better if you let go. How can you begin to let go?

This is from my book of poems in progress, The Fire Dialogues.

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It’s Time to Get Away from All the Noise

It’s Time to Get Away from All the Noise
Are you being bombarded by noise and distractions almost every hour of your day? It may start when your alarm clock blares in your ear to wake you up. Then your tea kettle frantically whistles for your morning cup. Soon you turn on your phone and all the missed calls and emails beep back at you.
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We Have A Role to Play

We Have A Role to Play - Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

This past week, hate took a hit in our country in a way that millions of Americans could hear, see, and feel.

This past week, a woman named Mallory McMorrow—a straight, white, Christian, married mom (her description, not mine) stood up to hate and said, “not on my watch.” McMorrow, who also happens to be a state senator from Michigan, said no to vile, hateful language. She said no to a character assassination from a fellow Michigan lawmaker, who also happens to be a mom herself.

McMorrow’s speech was a passionate one. It was a speech that went viral and that captivated millions, myself included. Now, why did it resonate so deeply with people? Well, in my humble opinion, I think it’s because McMorrow spoke up for her beliefs, and also for the beliefs of millions of other Americans who are also feeling the weight of hate on our society. She spoke up on behalf of others who feel maligned and mischaracterized, those who are tired, exhausted, and fed up with what is going on in our politics, in our schools, and in our social media feeds. Good, hardworking, honest people have had enough. They’ve had enough of the hate, enough of the slander, and enough of the different kinds of war that’s happening in plain sight.

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The Choice To Be Timeless Is Here And Now

The Choice To Be Timeless Is Here And Now - Deepak Chopra

What if time doesn’t exist? That’s a new question in physics that has become a hot topic. There are no viable theories about where time came from, which is a huge difficulty if you want to explain the universe. At the instant of the Big Bang space and time suddenly appeared, either out of nowhere or out of some complex “pre-reality” that is unimaginable. The only hope is to find a mathematical formulation that might or might not need for time to exist.

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How To Stop Overthinking and Find Peace (4 Keys)

How To Stop Overthinking and Find Peace (4 Keys) - Kute Blackson

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and stressed out?

Perhaps you were juggling so many things, handling so many responsibilities, facing an important deadline, or needing to make some important decisions.

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Henry David Thoreau And Life Rights

Henry David Thoreau And Life Rights - Temple Hayes

Henry David Thoreau wrote the book Walden. In it, he shared this inspiration, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unrecognized in common hours.” Life Rights is a part of my dream!

Thoreau’s freedom was compromised when he was jailed as a result of protesting the United States’ war with Mexico. This event had such a profound impact on him he wrote the famous essay “Civil Disobedience.” In this essay Thoreau wrote “...the state that is created for man whose power comes from the Divine and not the other way around.” Thoreau delivered a powerful message on the importance of freedom in that essay.

I feel Thoreau would have written a little differently today. Respectful of the time, I am not judgmental of his choice of gender specific words. We all have to move past a specific word or phrase to the core intent. We are blessed when we truly acknowledge the Divine Love of God in all regardless of color, gender, sexual preferences...when we know Namaste within and move beyond using the word as friendly greeting. There are many Life Rights violations, abuses of freedom. Our opportunity is right now. “Peace begins right here, right now” with each one of us when we allow the Consciousness of Divinity to emerge. This Divine Consciousness does not fuel the negative emotions surrounding negative events. Violations of Life Rights begin to be diffused with our strengthening consciousness that all life has the right to live their intentions in freedom and peace.

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Why You Need to Make Yourself a Priority in Life

Why You Need to Make Yourself a Priority in Life - Julie Murphy

With many of us today juggling so many responsibilities and commitments in the busy pace of day to day life, it can be a challenge to even find 5 minutes for ourselves! The demands of our jobs, families and businesses often take first priority, meaning we neglect to take a step back and think about catering to our own needs.

Or, even if we don’t have some of these commitments, we might consciously or subconsciously berate ourselves for not having what we believe we should - the family, the high-flying job, the thriving bank account and the flourishing business. Even though we have a little more time, we’re still not making ourselves a priority because of this negative self-talk. 

If either of these scenarios resonate with you in some way, today I’m going to share with you why it’s so important to make yourself a priority, how to focus on yourself and how this actually enables you to be a better parent, caregiver, employee or business owner. 

Why it’s important to take a step back

Think about it; if you’re burnt out, constantly seeing to other people, are stressed and generally overloaded, you’re running beyond capacity and the chances are you’re unable to live in true alignment and in the authentic expression of yourself. When operating from this place of auto-pilot, you’re not able to be your best self to those other people and commitments because you’re neglecting to take the time to reconnect to yourself and your heart. This is the essence of what self-love is about. I share more about the idea of long-term self-care in this YouTube video, which I highly recommend you take a look at. 

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Everything On The Planet Is Working

Everything On The Planet Is Working - Panache Desai

Everything is working. Irrespective of how you feel about it, or what your opinion is on it, everything is working. Your life is working . . . you’re alive! Our collective evolution is working . . . we’re alive! Everything on the planet is working . . . everything is alive.

Life is fulfilling its promise to you. But beyond keeping you alive, life doesn’t owe you anything else. That means that everything that happens today, beyond what life is supposed to do, which is to keep you alive, is a bonus .

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Why Your Desire Is Already a Reality

Why Your Desire Is Already a Reality

The core basis of my belief and understanding about manifestation (whether you are manifesting love, a car, a new career, or a new little black dress) is this:

There is no “time.” The past, present, and future all happen simultaneously.

When we have a desire for something, it’s because some part of us “already knows that this is possible for us,” on an unseen level.

Your dream is not some random thing out there somewhere; it is already in existence, calling upon you to dream it into your existence.

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Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: Speaking What We Know to be True

Mark Nepo's Weekly Reflection: Speaking What We Know to be True

The story of Moses carries an archetype that we all must face and live with. Of all his brethren, Moses was closest to God. Indeed, he climbed Mount Sinai to receive the ten commandments and heard God directly. But due to an accident as a child in which his tongue was burned by a hot coal, he stammered greatly. All his life, he suffered an inability to easily speak what he knew to be true. Though he listened to God directly, he couldn’t convey what he heard to others.

Inevitably, this is everyone’s fate when crossing from the inner world to the outer world. We all have trouble speaking what matters and yet we must try. Often, we are misled to think that falling short in how we convey the truth is a failure, when it is not trying at all that damages us. For even light through a crack is illuminating.

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The Protective Personality - Taking Things Personally

The Protective Personality - Taking Things Personally

There are more than seven billion people living on this planet which means more than seven billion personalities, opinions and ways of seeing the world. With so many diverse and varying ideologies and socio-cultural milieus, someone is bound to act in a way, or say something that upsets another.

The question is: Do we always have to take everything so personally? If not, how do we make what seems personal, impersonal?

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Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Over

Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Over

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve experienced phases in your life where everything seemed to be falling apart. Whether it was due to the loss of a loved one, divorce, being fired from your job, or the failure of a business you started — coming to terms with reality was painful and crushing.

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Are Money Issues Getting in the Way?

Are Money Issues Getting in the Way? - By Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks

Money problems in relationships are almost never about money (just as sexual problems are almost never about sex.) We’ve seen couples with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets argue for days because one of them bought the more expensive brand of toilet paper.

If it’s actually not about money, what’s it about?

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3 Self-Care Practices To Help With Burnout & Rediscover Your Creativity

3 Self-Care Practices To Help With Burnout & Rediscover Your Creativity

A whirlwind Western world worships productivity, as defined by how much we “get done.” But I’d love to see you become “undone” with joy. Because let me assure you of this: Learning how to be unabashedly alive is a very productive goal.

It’s so easy to lose touch with your nimble, true self when you are busy with everyday tasks and habits, and a relentlessly “go-getter” mentality.

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Pay Attention

Pay Attention - Rick Hanson, Ph.D

Is your mind wandering?

The Practice:
Pay attention.

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