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Gratitude for a Happy New Year – Ask these 10 Questions to Manifest Your Best 2019

celebrate2019 Gratitude for a Happy New Year – Ask these 10 Questions to Manifest Your Best 2019

Dearest you,

Tis the grand finale of 2018 this week and I’m curious about something. How do you say goodbye to the year past and welcome in the new year? What kind of rituals do you practice if any?

In past years I would spend a few days creating a vision board looking forward to the year ahead, setting my intentions, affirmations, cutting out pictures from magazines claiming the images that aligned with the feelings I wanted to emulate in the events of my life. The truth is I spent a whole lot of time focused on the outcome of my desires and little time on what had already transpired.

I had come to notice that without a closure, an inventory of my evolution and growth for the previous year I find that I’d be still somewhat motivated by a sense of “ more” or “ not enough”.

Has that happened to you?

Have you ever said to yourself “ Thank HEAVEN that crappy year is done! THIS year I will meet “ the ONE”, get the “perfect job” and arrive at the perfect combination cocktail of events that will make me happy, prosperous, purposeful, desired, wanted and ON TARGET!?” sigh.

If I’m going to be 100% honest here, I will admit I used to put a lot of time and effort into my wants and very little effort on the – “ thy will be done, I surrender to the highest good for all including the form.” Other than the fact I know that’s what you’re supposed to do when co-creating manifest reality — you know mention the – um — partner in the mix? …That would be a Higher Power?

And, what better way to see how that Higher Power works in your life than to do a look see revisiting of the previous year to have a gander at the events that transpired and more importantly who you’ve become as a result of them.

Everything changed for me when I added the inventory, the ritual of honoring what has transpired before. Looking at what events challenged me, changed me, provided me with an opportunity for growth, and most importantly how my Higher Power delivered the form of events, things, and experiences that were way beyond my limited imagination was truly magical. Even the challenges were gifts for me and not happening to me.

I turned it around and it was amazing to recognize that entering the new year with a deep sense of satisfaction and fullness for the experiences that have already transpired turned all of this on its head. I still love to do vision boards, walking meditation on New Year’rs eve outside in the brisk cold air. I love all of it. But I begin in gratitude in fullness and in service.

When you add this element to the mix of your hopes for the year ahead you can see things with awe and reverence knowing there are extraordinary things you have no context for- the understanding that intellectually you cannot plan that much, since a Higher Plan is in order already that yes, you set in motion but with a partner- The Conscious Universe. It’s like seeing how your soul and Spirit are in cahoots to ensure you’ll have all you need regardless of what your ego wants. It’s all about the magic and miracles we can’t plan for that deliver the essence of our inspired desires in ways too awesome to ignore.

This is one of the most profound things you can do and why it’s the very first exercise we do for my yearly January workshop at Kripalu [] – Divine Your Destiny (excited to be there January 4 through 6th this year) on setting intentions and tracking your Destiny for the year ahead.

So I’d love to hear from you about your year that has passed.

Who have you become as a result of last year, given we all like to see time as manageable travel segments within which to experience ourselves? Have you seen how your Higher Power delivers your highest good and carries you through the most difficult times?

Here are 10 questions to help you see yourself with greater clarity before you sit down to do your “What I want to manifest for 2019” ritual of whatever it is you do (from resolutions affirmations to vision boards, maps, etc.)

1. What did you hope and plan for?
2. What actions did you take?
3. What were you afraid of?
4. What actually happened?
5. What did you accomplish?
6. How did synchronicity play a part in this unfolding?
7. What challenges and gifts did your Higher Power present you with?
8. How were you changed as a result of them?
9. What can you leave behind moving forward?
10. What are three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with Spirit?

Let’s compare notes this week in the comments section.

My 3 profound truths are that mostly everything good that has happened in my life to change me is due to the Grace of God. Even though I think I know what’s best for me I don’t- but that said I still need the Grit to get up and show up for my life and follow my dream anyway.

Dreaming without action is never going to get me what I desire.

And, Grit also equals the irritation that makes the pearl, that grain of sand represented by the difficult challenges that force you to go back to their origins to heal. What you believe about life and your perceptions of it (especially if they are unconscious) can change in an instant when you trace them back to their beginnings.

I discovered a lot of pearls this year.

And, last but not least I have a profound Gratitude for every breath I take and for every moment I am alive to serve others. Without Gratitude I have nothing.

Happy New Year to my special tribe of amazing humans.

I wish you a profound and deep relationship with Spirit, a deeper more joyful understanding of life and the courage to show up for it.

See you in 2019!

Love you so!!!


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Monday, 13 July 2020

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