It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Guilt, shame and blame - are they diminishing your ability to live in abundance?

guiltshame Guilt, shame and blame - are they diminishing your ability to live in abundance?

It’s time to crack your money codes.

Have you ever felt unworthy or unwanted, or experienced feelings of depression, sadness or anxiety?

These codes easily have us playing dangerous games that often result in things like unfulfilled relationships, depression and mindless addiction.

And when these ego mind codes or feelings occur, your confidence goes out the door, replaced by feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem.  The result is suffering on every level. The body, mind and soul shatter when you lose connection to the peace and trust codes that facilitate forgiveness.

It’s in these moments your unconscious mind tells you to stay small…

don’t draw attention to yourself… 

don’t stand out!

Have you ever felt this?

Guilt, shame, and blame diminish your ability to shine in the world and the ripple effect is a diminished capacity to have money flow freely to you and through you.  

These feelings are often triggered by our own and other people’s judgments of whether or not we deserve money and abundance.

Is there anyone in your life (including yourself) who you have not forgiven around money? 

Do your ego mind programs use memories to torture you with maddening mind chatter and recriminations of guilt, shame, and of course, blame? 

The ego mind tells most people it’s a hopeless situation and they will never, ever find comfortable closure and inner peace with that person, or, be able to manifest the life they really want.

Your heart knows what your ego mind will never tell you. You can make peace with this situation and all other stressful money related issues, including making peace with yourself.

It’s easy when you develop a strong connection to your True Self.

Mastering a strong connection to your True Self doesn’t mean you don’t feel negative emotions around money or that you deny or bury them.  

To the contrary, it means you own them and inquire into them. 

This enables you to instantly change your money codes and become more calm and balanced. 

Ideally, it means you discover your money triggers and neutralize the responsible programs. 

Get neutral! 

It’s time to shine.

On October 28th, get ready for high frequency energy healing.

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You’ll be diving deep into your unconscious mind and correcting out emotions & traumatic events and decisions in your money codes so they no longer have any force to control you.

You deserve abundance!!

You deserve to heal old money stories and be free to live in the flow of abundance that is seeking to expand through you!

Give your body, mind and soul permission to accept new abundance codes. Click the link below to register for this completely free UPGRADE YOUR FREQUENCY YOUR ABUNDANT LIFE GLOBAL CHALLENGE!

To your brilliance, happiness and success!

Sandra and Daniel 

PS: When you join the Challenge, you’ll meet more of your soul family - you know, the ones who are committed to living a high frequency life.  We’ll be giving away valuable prizes and the more committed and engaged you are, the bigger the transformation for you and your world! 

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