It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Happy Holidays! Gratitude is Contagious – Let’s Share It!

gratefulheart Happy Holidays! Gratitude is Contagious – Let’s Share It!

Wanna spread some holiday cheer?

I love doing an attitude of gratitude challenge for the last week of the year. It helps me move through the maze of socializing (believe it or not I’m kind of a hermit!) which honestly exhausts me even though I really love my friends and family.

First thing is I do a personal list which includes people who have inspired me and helped me grow etc. Yup, I’m gonna share mine with you for 2018! Then YOU share yours!

Then every day until the end of the year begins your day hand on heart tuning into Gratitude- the essence of it and all it means to you!

First this year I am really grateful for YOU. I know you could be reading a gazillion other people’s blogs. You chose to sign up for mine and for that I am so so grateful.

I’m grateful for my relationship and faith in a Higher Power- doesn’t matter what I call it as this year I’ve been immersed in the Goddess, which has profoundly changed me. I call my Higher Power God, Goddess, Conscious Universe, Divine Matrix… Etc. the name doesn’t matter. The relationship, faith, and service to it does.

I’m grateful for 33 years continuous sobriety without which I would not even be here.

I’m grateful for my amazing husband and fur family who give me more love than I’ve ever thought possible.

I’m grateful for my devoted team that together helps me weave my dreams and service into the world.

I’m grateful for Oracle School and the multitude of students who come to change their lives and learn about oracles.

I’m grateful for my publisher and my talented creative partner Jena Dellagrottaglia who brings my oracles to life with me and Tera Hanks my dragonfly partner ;)

I’m grateful for my return to recording music again with my partner from 18 years ago Eric Rosse. (if you want to hear it go to my page on Soundcloud HERE)

I’m grateful for the awesome coaches I’ve worked with this year. Nancy Levin and Kidest Om. You have been so so helpful for me in helping me look ever more deeply into myself so I can continue to grow and be proud of who I’ve become.

I’m grateful for the conflict in my life that has forced me to dance with my Shadow and learn a new strength and a new grace.

I’m grateful for every breath I take, every beat of my heart, and for my desire to never stop learning and loving for at 60 years young I take nothing for granted.

Ok, Your turn!!

Loving you always 

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