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Have you ever driven down a road with potholes in it?

Have you ever driven down a road with potholes in it?

If you have, you know you have to slow way down and carefully navigate around those holes or gaps in the road.

What perhaps is new news…your body is the same. It’s a highway of energy that wants to flow freely at the designated speed. However, if we have unresolved emotions, to avoid those emotions we don’t want to feel, the energy is forced to slow down and move around the emotion, similar to navigating a potholed road. 

Your energy flow slows down to avoid the “potholes,” the gaps or gunk in the path created by the unresolved emotion. Those emotions we don’t want to feel are the unresolved-emotion gaps and the number one underlying reason we don’t heal.

As the energy flow navigates around the gaps, the body can become toxic, lethargic, depressed. It might be compromised, in small or big ways, all of which are a byproduct of the energy’s inability to flow as it is designed to. 

All these symptoms show us where we need to build circuits. However, we might lose focus, mistake what the body is telling us, and think something is wrong or broken. 

Rather we want to understand that nothing is broken or wrong, the symptoms are a roadmap pointing us to a solution. The unresolved emotions lead to symptoms which are there to draw out attention to where we need to fill in the gaps by igniting neurocircuitry.

Sometimes we add a layer on top, too. A new set of symptoms arise because we immerse ourselves in worry. Those worry thought patterns heighten the toxic environment in the body, exacerbating the symptoms.

Because our body’s systems are run autonomically by the subconscious, when we experience a sense of danger, something we perceive as a threat, whether physical or emotional, we experience a communication disconnect between the conscious (our thoughts) and the subconscious.  

This disconnect, the closed trap door I often refer to, impacts the ability for the conscious and subconscious to communicate. The body can end up living in a constant state of fight, flight, or freeze. If that happens, and it does for most of us in this third dimension, we are on constant alert, in an attempt to avoid the unresolved-emotion “potholes.”

The great news for you is that the body is energy and has the ability to heal itself. As a culture, we have become very focused on how to treat symptoms, how to cover them up or get rid of them in some way. 

We often take medication for the symptoms and then medication to alleviate the effects of the medication and all the while, the trap door is shut and the body remains out of balance because it is unable to communicate with itself.

One way to return the body to balance is with B.E.S.T. (BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique). I want to be clear, there is no one way. I share about B.E.S.T. to provide a path to healing that is proven to work. This simple, powerful tool allows the trap door to open so that the body’s own innate healer can do what it is designed to do. Heal!

I know this to be true from personal experience. Both as a doctor in my clinic for decades and because I’ve never been on a prescription drug. What I know is that the body has the ability to heal itself through energy medicine because that is the healthcare I offered in my clinic to support others to heal and that I’ve used all my life.

B.E.S.T. is steeped in the scientific approach to why people do, or don’t, heal. As you discover how to anchor consciousness in the core of the body and to build neurocircuitry so that the body returns to balance, self-healing is a byproduct. 

There is no condition, whether it’s genetic, an old standing issue, or a chronic degenerative disease, that cannot experience improvement when the body is in balance. There is no exception to that because every one of those conditions is a byproduct of the body not being in as much of a healing state as it could be.

What we do with B.E.S.T. is allow the trapdoor to open so that the communication between the body and the conscious mind is reconnected. As that communication flows, what happens simultaneously is the highway starts getting rebuilt so that we can flourish.

If you are interested and want to learn more about a path to optimal health or have a desire to thrive, and want to know how B.E.S.T. can support you in that, whether for self-healing or to work with others, join me inside the B.E.S.T. Practitioner Training. I guide you, step-by-step, as together we dive deep into a simple, effective process that anyone can learn to do, no matter your prior healing experience. Learn more or register here

With great love,

Dr. Sue

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