Healing Is A Choice

Healing Is A Choice - Dr. Sue Morter

When it comes to healing and how to heal, we often have so many questions. As we explore this, let’s start with a concept, which may be new to you—

There is nothing to heal, because there is nothing broken.

This may not be how a typical conversation about healing begins, so let’s tie it all together with an explanation about how our body and our life collaborate with each other. We live in a quantum reality and that quantum reality is what you’re truly interested in becoming masterful at. 

Whether you are aware of this or not, there is a deep, true part of each of us that desires to walk and talk awake in this quantum reality as the creator and the healer that we truly are. 

Everyone is capable of transforming their lives from victimized “reactorship” to empowered creatorship, because creativity is what we’re made of. It’s what we are here to do. 

We are all capable of making this Quantum Flip® from victimhood to creatorship. No exceptions. Because we are made of creative energy itself and we are here to learn how to express and reveal that fully.

Remember those days when we used to travel? (I miss being in the room with all of you!) Back then, I’d meet people live and in-person who’d studied The Energy Codes® coursework for years. It was so inspiring to me, and still is, albeit virtually, that we’re reaching people all over the world because that is how we establish a different reality. We’ve created a new reality, despite, and because of, the circumstances. 

You help humanity when we collaborate

We help humanity as we vibrate together. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in the same room resonating in the same conversations, or around the globe virtually locking arms with each other in this same conscious conversation. 

When we learn to anchor and ground ourselves in this conscious conversation, we integrate. 

We allow our wholeness to be present. Our presence opens an opportunity for humanity, too. An integrated individual impacts thousands, even 10’s of 1000’s of people that they may never meet, because the energy field that they emanate and resonate as impacts all of humanity. That might sound a little esoteric and out there, but quantum science shows us this is true. 

There is the butterfly effect or the fact an electron spinning in one corner of the universe has an impact on another corner of reality—this is scientifically measurable. Or the study of Epigenetics and how it interplays with the bioenergy field, and how we create our reality.

We emit and transmit light every time we think a thought because we are beings of energy and light. Nothing is separate, rather everything is connected. 

You can’t operate solo

Everything is interacting and interfacing with everything else, including you.Thus what we’ve known, at an often unconscious capacity, is what quantum science is now recognizing—life is about collaboration. There is nothing in the universe that operates as a silo.

You are never an isolated entity trying to make it work on your own, though the mind may lock you into an encapsulated reality, so that you think that you’re all alone. Perhaps you think you simply have to make do, or figure it out on your own. That to survive, you need to push yourself in this or that direction to get by. You might believe you need to act from an, “I’ll show you” mentality, or to be strong. It’s a waste of our life experience to breathe one more breath that way ever again.

What we have to recognize instead is that we are in constant collaboration. 

I want to share something with you. I live at a lake now. And where I run with my dog there are these docked boats. They’re tied up with these perfect little sailors knots. I’m a sailor and I love the idea of sailing. Seeing this reminded me about the importance of collaboration. The reason that I love sailing is that you can’t just jump in the boat, turn on the engine, throw it into gear, and do your own thing. You can’t go against the wind or move in any direction you choose…you can’t do that with a sailboat. 

With a sailboat, what you’re doing is embodying presence— 

  • You’re here in a place of connectivity (or you don’t leave the dock) 
  • You’re on a boat with a big stick (the tiller) and a sheet (the sail) catching some wind 
  • You’re required to be mindful of what’s going on around you (or you get whacked in the head) 
  • You’re setting an intention about where you want to go (or you’ll never get there) 

We recognize that while “I am here and I want to go there,” I may not be able to simply aim straight to my target. We might have to sail at an angle to the wind. Even change the sail again to a different angle to the wind, because you can’t sail straight into the wind. We need to tack back and forth to make our way. It’s a collaboration with the wind in order to arrive at a desired destination. 

When I sail, I have to be ingenious and to think creatively. This allows me to figure out what to draw from my surroundings to reach my goal. 

This is such a beautiful analogy to life and to your inner realm. Often, as we try to meditate—

  • We attempt to force our way in to the body by making it happen
  • We pop out of a meditation quickly
  • We attempt to meditate and then say things like, “I just can’t meditate. I try and my mind starts going and I just can’t seem to make it work.” 
  • We live in your upper body in such a way that we can’t take a deep belly breath and feel our self in our body

Does that sound like you? If so, there is an answer for you.

Collaboration allows for integration

The answer is for you to collaborate with the fact that your mind is going 90 miles an hour so that you can’t meditate or you don’t feel relaxed. Maybe you don’t feel content or you can’t find joy. We are far from being able to be love or to find healing or our creatorship when we’re in those circumstances. 

In order to collaborate, we first need to recognize that if our mind is going 90 miles an hour, it’s trying to find an answer. You can start to slow the mind down as you train it to come onto the body. Then you can find an answer. In The Energy Codes coursework, we train the mind to find You. We train the mind to find the real you

Take a moment to contemplate that because it’s an interesting concept…

If You are training your mind to find you, it means you’re not your mind. I have a mind. This is true for me and for you. This realization is important to learn the basics about working with bioenergetics, The Energy Codes, and working with consciousness or mindfulness in a way that’s sustainable, life changing, and healing for any of us.

You are not your mind. You have a mind and it is a tool. The mind is like the sail on the boat. How we turn the sail determines how much wind it catches. What we focus the mind on determines how much vital force we are able to “catch” and allow to flow through us. In both instances, the focus, the turning with the energy, contributes to the bigger picture which takes us where we want to go. 

When we sit and try to meditate and can’t because our mind is too busy, the reason is, we’re living in the untethered mind.

As you discover or remember to anchor in the body using the four anchor points I share with you in The Energy Codes coursework or in my Heal Yourself Now course you begin to slow the mind down. 

You can engage the anchor points when you—

  • Squeeze Mula Bandha, (you do this by squeezing the muscles at the base of the pelvic bowl)
  • Squeeze the heart (hug your heart from the outside in)
  • Constrict the throat (close it enough to can feel a vibration and a sound like Darth Vader coming through the throat when you breathe) 
  • Roll the eyes up and feel the tension behind the eyes
  • Allow yourself to breathe deeply in the belly and up and down the Central Channel (the core of your physical body, including a few feet above your head and below your feet) 

As you work with the four anchor points and that breath, you find a new orientation. You start to plug in to your body and feel a sense of Self that can create a shift. The mind finds something that it is looking for because it’s looking for a sense of Self.

We need to use the body, the mind, and the breath together, otherwise it’s as if we’re not using the sail, the boat and the wind to navigate to our destination. We have a sail, and we have a boat, and they’re not connected. They’re not tethered and neither are you. 

We have to learn to use the mind and the body together in a fashion that allows all the parts of us to collaborate. When they collaborate, we find ourselves in a greater collaboration with all of Earth. We find ourselves in the greatest collaboration of life which guides us to the neighborhood of behaving, perceiving, and experiencing life freely on Earth.

You impact the universe

Research shows that a philodendron, a little plant, when connected to a lie detector, can recognize when a hostile versus a joyful person comes in the room. We and the plants are constantly responding to a vibratory frequency communication system.

We emit and transmit light every time we think a thought because we are beings of energy and light. Nothing is separate, rather everything is connected.

There’s a constant sense of collaboration and support that is bombarding your system all the time. As you learn to set the sail—the mind—and make sure it is tethered or anchored to the boat—the body—then what will begin to happen is you will build sensory circuits for your central nervous system to be able to perceive a greater sense of Self.

What comes next is you step out as loving and creative. As present so that no matter what, it’s good, because you are made of this goodness. We simply need to access the collaboration and know that all of creation is attempting to serve us on a silver platter. 

Our job is to recognize that our mind, body, and breath are attempting to collaborate in the same vibrational way as all of nature in order to be sustainable. That we know that we are not broken, that there is nothing to fix, and we, as Creator, know that healing, wholeness, is a choice. 

The most valuable tool that has ever been taught to humankind is integration for embodiment and enlightenment. Integration is the tool that sets us free. It allows us to access the self-healer and the creativity that we all are seeking.

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