Health and Wealth: Is There a Correlation

piggy-bank-with-red-heart-picture-id1195729604 Health and Wealth: Is There a Correlation

While the number of zeros in your bank account certainly aren’t the only determiner of your quality of life, the direct correlation between one’s health and wealth can’t be ignored. While Americans at any income level are statistically less healthy than those with a higher income, wealth includes more than just your paycheck.

It also includes your net worth, assets, and abundance of valuable possessions and experiences in life. Your wealth has a direct affect on your health in such a way that you might be harming yourself if you ignore it. The greater your wealth, the lower your likelihood of disease, premature death, and countless other health concerns.

But what is wealth?

A dear friend, and self love expert, Christine Arylo reminded me of the actual definition of wealth. If you look up the word wealth in the dictionary the original root meaning of the word was happiness. In the 1700’s, the definition changed. Wealth definition became “the accumulation of money”. This was happening at the beginning of the industrial revolution, it was all about consuming and accumulating. Hmmmm…interesting! The second root meaning of wealth is shown on is that wealth is modeled on our health. So our wealth is related to wellness. Which is exactly my point.

It’s time to awaken your wealth so you can reach your greatest happiness and health potential.

The Problem

Something I always say is we either work things out… or we act them out. Either we pay close attention to ourselves and our needs in order to help keep ourselves aligned with our deeper purpose… or we act out in our lives in unhealthy ways. If we are in misalignment with the destiny of our lives, then we have no choice but to act out this misallocation. It’s the nature of humanity, and it applies to both our health and wealth.

The problem starts because we’ve all been raised to track things logically and to do things in the way our parents and grandparents did them rather than to listen to ourselves and what we truly need. If we’re not paying attention to or chasing after our desires, our purpose, and our direction, then we have no choice but to act out on something that isn’t quite right.

Believe me, in my life, I’ve been the QUEEN of misalignment. There were times in my life filled with frustration and an idealization of perfectionism, where I was utterly exasperated that things weren’t going my way. My wealth wasn’t where I thought it should be, and neither was my health, and it drove me crazy.

I thought I was working hard to correct these things and make my life perfect, but what I’ve come to realize is that I was blocking myself from what was really going on. I wasn’t trying to work things out by exploring my emotions and desires. I was simply acting out on all that was happening around me because this is all I knew how to do.

And it was horrible.

Let’s Use an Example

If we don’t give ourselves the space to work out our issues, then they won’t get worked out. We’ll continually be trapped in a cycle of acting on what we know, leading to worse situation after worse situation until it gets bad enough that we must demand the space to get to the bottom of the issue. We can all shift before we create a crisis in our lives that will force the shift.

Let’s take a second to apply this whole idea to health and wealth.

In the United States, the personal savings rate was about 8.8 percent in 2018 (compared to 10.4 percent in the 1960s). For personal savings, that amounted to just over 1.2 trillion United States dollars in the fourth quarter of 2018. When these statistics are compared to China, an interesting difference is revealed.

China had a savings rate of 47 percent in 2017. It ranks among the top three in over 170 countries monitored by the World Bank in terms of financial saving. Now, “savings” is made up of the difference between income and spending, so clearly, the United States has something to learn about saving money!

It’s truly fascinating, however, that China is a country with a savings rate nearly 40 percent higher than the United States’… but they’re the ones battling the coronavirus. While the United States battles a debt crisis and huge consumer spending, the people of China are fighting through an influx of illness.

Issues with health and wealth abound in both of these situations because people in both countries aren’t dealing with their real issues. They’re continually burying their problems with spending, blocking their needs and compromising their health, and so much worse.


We need to uncover the real emotional reasons behind why you’re burying and blocking yourself in order to make forward, healthful progress. Don’t settle for a cycle of unhealthy patterns. It’s time to awaken your wealth and put a stop to this pattern of self destruction. Follow my PACT system so you have no more acting out and live a life of Real Wealth.


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