How Meditation Helps Shift Your Energy and Raise Your Vibration


Meditation is often understood as learning how to “not think”, but many find that they quickly lose focus after just a few minutes (or seconds) of trying.

However, when done correctly and intentionally, meditation can have a great deal more power and potential than simply emptying your mind. The practice of meditation can change your energy, shift your frequency, and act as an empowering spiritual reset.

In this post, you’ll learn what your “frequency” is, how it influences your emotions, and what you can do to turn meditation into a life-changing practice that isn’t just about counting your breaths and closing your eyes.

As a result, you’ll learn how to raise your vibration more easily, more consistently, and with more control so you can welcome each day with more confidence, calm, and clarity!

What is Meditation and How Do I Make It a Daily Practice?

Because everything in life demands so much of our attention and focus, it takes discipline and awareness to reflect on who we are and acknowledge our own emotions and experiences.

Our thoughts and feelings rarely have time to mature and release from our subconscious, which makes it easy to carry spiritual weight, especially during busy times.

Even when we take the time to do so, most people don’t even know where to start. 

Meditation is an effective way to slow down the pace, center on your thoughts, and raise your vibration without having to wait for your circumstances to change.

To begin, the practice of meditation usually requires 4 basic things:

  1. A quiet, distraction-free environment.
  2. A comfortable position (sitting, walking, laying down, kneeling on a pillow, etc.)
  3. A mantra or object of focus (such as a repeated set of words, a mental image, or physical sensations like your breathing pattern).
  4. And a state of mindfulness where you’re able to let distractions come and go without self-criticism or judgement.

There’s also a long list of scientific evidence around the benefits of mediation, such as:

  • Lowering heart rate.
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction.
  • Positive effects on brain activity.
  • Natural reduction in blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and insomnia via increased mindfulness and attention.

Although there are many forms of meditation, it is popularly recognized as a safe practice. As opposed to going through all the different forms, let’s review a single approach that I used to begin my own meditation practice that’s simple and immediately actionable.

The Candle Flame Meditation Practice

My son, Rich, was in his 30’s when he came up to me and asked, “You know, I’ve heard about all the benefits that come with a daily practice of meditation but I feel like I’ve been misguided through the years. I keep trying and trying but I just end up frustrated. How do I get into an effective meditation practice?”

I gave him the same instructions I used when I first started on my meditation journey:

  1. Imagine a candle flame in front of you. Focus on the candle flame and say the words “candle flame, candle flame, candle flame…”
  2. Pay attention to how long you can stay focused on the candle flame without getting distracted.
  3. Every time you get distracted, just bring your focus back. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t get frustrated, just go back to the candle flame.

Even though these three steps seem simple, you’ll be surprised by how easily you get distracted at first. The most important thing is to not be discouraged and understand that meditation is not a practice you get perfect at first. 

That’s why meditation is meant to be a daily practice. Each day is a new opportunity, a brand new moment to restart, reconnect, and recalibrate.

Ultimately, it’s about getting in touch with the power breathing you and strengthening your connection to the Universe one imperfect step at a time. You can accomplish this by raising your vibration to a frequency in harmony with the Law of Attraction. 

What Frequency Do Humans Vibrate At and What Is My Spiritual Vibration?

Everything in life is, at an atomic level, in constant motion.

In other words, everything is vibrating, all the time. It’s just happening at a level we’re unable to detect with the naked eye.

Take for example the wind – you know it exists because you see it rustling the leaves, creating currents, and blowing sand from one place to another. But you never really “see” the wind.

In the same way, your thoughts and emotions create vibrations that ripple throughout your entire being. 

Consider how you feel when you’re happy or sad. Do those emotions make you feel energized or lethargic, creative or uninspired?

How does it impact your body – what you decide to do – or even the other emotions that it brings along with it?

We are all vibrating at varying frequencies as our thinking patterns shift and respond to life.

Every single thought you carry holds its own vibration, and your collective thinking creates the frequency you operate on.

Fear, doubt, and disappointment, for example, are emotions that lead to low vibration thoughts. They keep you feeling small, vulnerable, and powerless.

Joy, love, and peace on the other hand, are high vibrational thoughts that create positive, expansive thinking patterns. They lead you to inspiration and action.

This pattern looks like this:

Your thinking influences your actions. 

Your actions determine your habits.

Your habits create your results

How Your Vibration Affects Your Daily Life

With this flow in mind, you’ll have a better understanding of how your vibration, and therefore your thinking, impacts your day to day life. 

For instance, if you wake up in the morning already dreading the day ahead, you start at a low vibration plagued by stress and anxiety. It’s like turning the radio to one frequency and listening to the same music station the whole day.

On a larger scale, imagine how different it would feel to walk into a room filled with people mourning versus those who are celebrating, or even how your energy changes around different groups of friends.

Your environment is constantly changing, and that means your vibration throughout the day changes along with it…

if you let it!

Your energy may be influenced by your environment, but you ultimately decide how you let yourself feel. You are not a victim of your environment. 

At any given moment, you can make a deliberate, conscious shift to move out of whatever frequency you’re on and into an entirely new, higher one. 

At its core, this is what meditation is meant to accomplish. But before you can start to clear negative energy and raise your vibration, you have to recognize which emotions create the higher frequency state you want to shift into.

What Emotion Has the Highest Frequency?

According to the Energy Healer Christie Sheldon’s human frequency chart, enlightenment is the highest frequency sitting at 700+.

While most of us wouldn’t readily declare ourselves “enlightened”, the next highest frequencies are more familiar: peace (600), joy (540), and love (500).

Here at the Brave Thinking Institute, we recommend and train to have a default frequency of at least 500+ at all times, which is vibrating at a constant level of love. 

You can manifest your dreams and desires more easily when you raise your frequency, which in turn puts you in harmony with the Law of Attraction and accelerates growth and expansion.

But before you can raise your vibration, you have to be able to identify when you’re operating at a contracted frequency. 

How Do You Know When Your Vibration is Low?

In order to build awareness, the first step is to realize that your thinking patterns determine your vibration.

You see, most people live their lives believing that they don’t have any control over their emotions, let alone the thoughts that play between their ears. 

So they go about life without that ability to notice when they’re out of alignment with the Law of Attraction and go by the whims of their circumstances, situations, and conditions.

The second part is recognizing where your low vibrational thoughts are coming from. 

When you experience fear, anxiety, or another form of psychological stress when you’re about to do something new or different, you’re actually meeting resistance with your paradigms.

Paradigms define what’s “normal” for you, and draw the boundaries of your comfort zone. In order to protect you from the risk of failure, it will block you from taking action through dissuasion, distraction, and delay

When you feel discouraged, defeated, or find yourself doing anything that isn’t bringing you closer to what you desire, take it as a sign that you’re running on a low vibration and make the decisions to shift into a higher frequency. 

What Does It Mean to “Vibrate Higher” and How Do I Know If My Vibration is Rising?

With self-awareness of your thoughts and emotions, you’ll find it much easier to raise your vibration and change your quality of life. 

Accomplishing this means noticing your thinking patterns, releasing the ones that don’t serve your highest good, and replacing them with positive, brave thinking

Brave thinkers find the seed of greater good in any circumstance, situation or condition and have the ability to have a challenge without it completely having them.

One of the best ways they tap into this greater, innate wisdom is through meditation. 

To create a life you love, it is vital to center your thoughts, calm your energy, and redirect your subconscious mind to greater, more expansive feelings. When you constantly vibrate at a level of love or higher, you open your spiritual tap and experience an increased flow of abundance, success, joy, and fulfillment!

And most of all, you’ll accelerate your growth, transform your results, and learn how to face life’s obstacles with more confidence and clarity than ever before!

Conclusion: Be the Best Version of Yourself By Raising Your Vibration

Your vibrations fluctuate throughout the day, and at times it can feel like we have no control over them. But the truth is, you can use meditation as a spiritual reset and change the frequency your thoughts and emotions are vibrating on. 

Meditation, however, isn’t something you master right away. It’s a build-up of focus, attention, and mindfulness. But it is a practice you can begin at this very moment, if you are willing and open to do so!

Even complete beginners can tap into the benefits of meditation by adding it to their daily routine. The candle flame method is a great start, but you can build on this daily habit and raise your vibration by following a guided meditation practice!

This takes the guesswork out of meditation, is easy to follow, and helps you connect with the Universe on a much higher, more spiritual level. You can download my FREE Guided Meditation on Abundance here, and discover the therapeutic effects of:

  • Completely calming your mind.
  • Creating and holding a vision you love.
  • And welcoming increased abundance, freedom, and flow into your life!

If you have no experience with meditation or have found it difficult to meditate in the past, this guide will help you relax, calm your mind, and strengthen your connection to the Universe easier than ever before.

And the more you listen and practice with this guided meditation, the more you’ll attract abundance, fulfillment, and joy into your life on a daily basis!

To your practice and purpose,

Mary Morrissey

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