How to Bridge the Light and the Dark


The Solstice is an especially opportune time for us to begin to recognize that we are the light. We are that which is revealing.

Life is not about seeking, it's about revealing. What is here for us to reveal is pocketed away in the darkness, which is the space where we come into contact with the rest of who we are.

We're here to bridge the languages of the light and the dark so that we bridge the worlds of the known and the unknown.

As we step into the wholeness of our being we no longer hold those worlds of light and dark as separate from each other. When we steward our creativity, an aspect of us beyond the logical, thinking mind, we allow the miraculous to occur with every breath, and step, that we take.

You recognize that you can't do it wrong, you can only take longer to consciously reveal the Essential Self. As you learn to trust the Self, you begin to step into your creative essence and live as you are intended to live – as Creator.

This is our time to shine. It is your moment to come forth as the light that you are and weave it into the canvas that is your life.

The Solstice window is a powerful time to open to the truth that there is nothing wrong or broken, not with you or the world. There is nowhere to go and nothing to achieve, because everything is already here.

Quantum Science shows us we are made of God stuff and the thoughts you think, what you believe in, what you allow inside your heart, are actually what determine the outcome of your life experience.

It is your own creation that is happening. As we begin to accept this truth, we begin to step into our true power. We begin to recognize that we can generate an environment, a reality, where there is harmony and flow.

You are here to bring heaven to earth.

We are made of the Divine, yet we constantly seek it outside of us even as it resides behind our eyes

The truth of who you are is here waiting for you to ignite the circuits to reveal it. Right now, enhanced by the past two years, we are seated at a time of year that is profoundly supportive of that conscious awareness awakening in You

We are here to play with our creative power as the Soulful Self, in the third-dimension

We are here to consciously be the Soulful Self. The one that requested the circumstances you desired for your soul's refinement.

We have specifically requested and created our life experiences because those are the sets of circumstances required to refine and polish us, as the big beings that we are

Perhaps there are circumstances that feel insurmountable or caused a great pause in your life.

We request those circumstances because they are what allow us to quicken and draw back from the “splat.” Then mind, body, and breath can gather the resources potent enough to allow a piercing of the veil of the illusion that we are anything less than the Divine.

If you experience circumstances that appear bigger than what you perceive you can navigate, the invitation is for you to pause and recognize there is no mistake. 

There are no random acts. There is a flow navigating your life experience by divine design. It flows in accordance with your willingness and readiness to awaken to the true power of who you are. Because the divine is what you are made of, without exception.

If something in life seems bigger than what you could handle or feels like a darkness you can't navigate your way through, remember that big beings take on really big projects. 

If you look around and question, “Have I landed in the wrong place?” or maybe think, “I don't relate to these people,” there is a reason – you are here to awaken as the evolutionary impulse that is evolving you beyond your immediate environment. 

Perhaps, you have moments when you have not yet fully realized that the dark is not darkness – it's the void that isn't void. Rather, the void is the infinite smorgasbord that you draw from when you dream, imagine, and create. I invite you to join me today for We are the Light reflections and meditation and register here and join me on December 21 as we gather from 90-plus countries for a free Global Solstice Celebration.

With Great Love,



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