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How to Contact Your Departed Loved Ones

communicatingwithdead How to Contact Your Departed Loved Ones

If spirits can reach out to you, then it’s fair to say that you can reach out and communicate with them. Best of all, you don’t need a medium like me to do it for you nor do you need special abilities to make this type of loving connection on your own.

There are numerous ways to communicate with passed loved ones and stay in touch everyday, but you have to start with a strong mind-set and a belief that it is possible.

Your loved ones know when you’re reaching out to them. If you have this strong belief in place and are missing a particular loved one who recently passed, I’d like you to try the following 7 steps to invite them to your own private get-together:

1) Find a comfortable place and safely light a small votive candle on a table. Place a picture of your loved one right in front of you. Try to find the happiest picture you have of them because, in reality, that’s how they look now! Look into their eyes in the picture for a few moments. See the light that’s coming from them and remember that beautiful image in your mind.

2) Now, set an intention that you’re open to receiving messages or signs from your chosen loved one. By setting the intention, you’re lovingly inviting them with an open heart and mind.

3) Close your eyes and meditate to clear your mind to make room for them. Hold the image of your loved one from the picture in your mind’s eye.

4) Send out a loving thought and invite them to join you. Let them know it’s okay to come to you now. Remember, they take their cues from you when connecting and will only connect when they know it’s not going to upset you.
5) Ask a question in your mind and be patient. Try not to have any expectations. Patience is key here in making sure you’re receiving a message that didn’t come from your own imagination. You may feel your loved one draw close to you, or you might feel a breeze, a light kiss, or a gentle embrace. You may even notice a scent like a perfume or a flower. (Don’t worry if you feel you didn’t get a message or sign right away; you may get an answer when you least expect it.)

6) Most important, trust what you’re getting and don’t try to manipulate it or make it fit some preconceived idea of what you wanted or needed to hear. Each time you talk to them in your mind, the stronger your link will become. The more you do this, the more proficient you’ll get in building the bridge to your loved one.

7) Always end by thanking your loved one for coming. Say, “See you later” rather than “Good-bye,” as you know you can connect with them whenever you wish.


While there are many ways to communicate with Spirit, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. What works for one person might not work for you. It’s a matter of trying different techniques to find the one that works for you.

This is just one technique you can use to connect with your loved ones without having mediumistic abilities. I’ll be sharing more of these exercises in future newsletters, so be sure to add your name to my Soul Inspirations subscriber list.

If you do want to go further with your psychic and mediumship abilities, these techniques are a good start to developing them.

I invite you to to share some of the techniques that have worked for you either on my Facebook page or you can call into one of my Spirit Connections radio shows.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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