How to Cope with the Loss of Your Life Partner

angel How to Cope with the Loss of Your Life Partner

Many people find it hard to move on when they lose a spouse or a partner. While some feel guilty, others think they’re cheating on the person who has passed. And then there are others who say they don’t deserve to be happy and choose to go through the rest of their life alone.

Those on the Other-Side don’t want us to linger in pain or be alone. They know that as humans, we need to touch and to be touched, to hold and be held, and above all that, we’re meant to love and to be loved. There’s never any judgment from them when it comes to affairs of the heart. When you feel you cannot get out of bed because of your sadness, it is them who gently push you forward.

To cope with the loss of your life partner, here’s the best advice I can give you: Your loved ones wouldn’t want you to suffer alone, so I recommend that you talk to someone about your feelings, be it a close friend or a professional therapist. It doesn’t help if you shut yourself off from those who were part of your life when you were a couple.

Often, the spouse who’s left on Earth feels like they’re not welcome in the old group, or they feel guilty about socializing. Of course, it takes guts to go out alone and integrate back into the group, but you can do it. Often, you might find that your friends avoid the subject of your loss because they think it will be upsetting. Yet, true healing comes from talking about how you miss your beloved partner.

I also recommend that you include your loved ones who have passed in events, parties and family gatherings. Toast them, talk about them, ask for a sign, and even take out the pictures of them particularly when they were happy. Let them know how much you still love them because they feel it all.

In almost every reading, a loved one comes through to validate a certain event. It could be a wedding, a baby shower, a special vacation cruise, a birthday party, or simply a walk on the beach. Just because they’re no longer in a body doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying being with their loved ones still.

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There is work to do when you lose someone. You have to go through the bereavement process. Healing can only occur when you deal with your confusion, anger, and grief and know that you can stand on your own . . . with your loved one standing right beside you.

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