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How to Deepen Your Connection with Spirit

rose-on-the-ground-picture-id1142534635 How to Deepen Your Connection with Spirit

I began my training as a medium by what is known as sitting in circle. A circle simply means a group of like-minded people, whether it’s for psychic development or the development of a certain type of mediumship, all sitting together and sharing each other’s energy. These circles are usually led by an experienced teacher or medium who can give advice as your abilities begin to unfold.

I spent my first two formative years studying in the UK. I was lucky to land on my feet in my first circle with other mediums who were developing their abilities. Some circles are closed circles, which is when you have to be formally invited to join, as I was in this case. There's also what’s known as open circles where anyone can come and develop their psychic abilities further.

Sitting in circle definitely helped me increase my psychic strength and the length of time I could maintain the link with Spirit. Our leader would observe us, help us with our technique and make us aware when our guides drew close. I was so fortunate with this circle since it showed me how to develop a stronger link with Spirit, receive and give Spirit messages and focus on how to receive Divine inspiration from my guides and helpers.

During these months in the UK, I’d heard about the Arthur Findlay College—devoted to the development of psychic sciences and mediumship. For those lucky enough to attend, they’d be taught by experienced mediums who traveled from all corners of the world. I affectionately referred to this school as “Spirit Boot Camp.” Once I found out more about it, I couldn’t wait to enroll.

One afternoon, we were asked to give an inspired speech on an unrehearsed subject. We were all going to be “put on the spot” so we could connect with Spirit and be inspired by our guides. To practice this technique, we were asked to choose a card with a single word printed on it. Then we’d talk about the subject to the group.

When it was my turn, I chose the card that said, Gift. I was blown away by the significance of this card. I looked at the word again, closed my eyes and felt Spirit draw close. I tried to put my own thoughts aside as I created space in my mind. These are the words that came out of my mouth:

“Your gifts are like a rose unfolding.

You cannot force the bloom. When the rose is opened, then and only then,

will you feel it, smell it, and finally, touch it.”

My tutors and fellow students knew that I’d succeeded, because they hadn’t heard me talk like that since I arrived. Again, the words weren't those I normally used; yet, they felt so right.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                                                                                                   

This exercise is a great way to start developing your psychic abilities at home.

You can try this on your own or with friends by putting several words into a hat and then giving an unrehearsed speech on the one you pick. The first few times you might draw a blank—or you might find yourself waxing poetically on a subject that’s foreign to you. Just speak from your heart, let your guides assist you, and tap in to the inspiration you feel at the exact moment you draw the card. More often than not, wonderful things will happen.

Don’t forget to share your experience with this exercise in the Comments section of my Facebook page. Or better yet, phone into my Spirit Connections radio show.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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