How To Feel Your Feelings And Let Go


Your feelings are a signal giving you feedback.

They are communicating to you, showing you, what you need to pay attention to.

We are conditioned to only feel what we think of as “positive” feelings. And we tend to do everything to avoid “negative“ feelings.

We must realize that the more we suppress our sadness, the more we limit our capacity to feel joy.

Consider this: Feelings are neither good or bad. These are just labels we place on them as a means of survival.

Feelings are feedback.

Feelings are energy.

When you stop labeling your feelings as good or bad and simply experience them as they come up, it completely changes your relationship with your feelings.

If you suppress or distract from those feelings you consider “negative”, they don’t magically disappear. They simply remain present and stored within your psyche and body as toxic energy.

All feelings remain present until fully felt.

Feelings are similar to the layers of an onion. So if you are still carrying negative emotions, there’s a good chance there are more layers to the emotion that needs to be acknowledged and felt.

We are often afraid to feel our feelings fully, out of fear that they will last forever. Or we won’t be able to handle them.

No feelings are permanent. They are transitory. All feelings fully felt with awareness will eventually dissolve.

Sometimes even after several experiences of feeling your feelings, certain feelings may seem to remain stuck or you seem to not be able to let them go.


Likely there is a pay off that you have for holding onto the negative feeling.

So ask yourself “What is the payoff I have for staying stuck/not letting go?”

-Perhaps you get to be right.
-Play the victim.
-Get other people’s sympathy.
-Hold onto excuses to not take action.

Your willingness to be honest is the beginning of freedom.

So rather than resisting what you consider to be negative feelings, begin to embrace them as they arise.

Feel them and let them go.

What you resist will persist and only keep you stuck much longer.

When you no longer resist the negative feelings trying to make them go away or hold onto the positive feelings trying to keep them forever, you are free to be fully with your experience in the moment.

All feelings are a blessing.

Learn to pay attention to their message.



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