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How to Get in The Flow

intoflow How to Get in The Flow

If you watch my weekly oracle card readings lately you’ll notice I’m working with my new Goddess Power Oracle (loving the awesome feedback!) and this week the one goddess that stood out for me to talk about is the goddess Rhea and what her meaning offers all of us.

Now, whether you are “into” goddesses or not, just imagine these goddesses are really metaphors for the lessons they offer. In this case, because Rhea’s name means “ low and ease” although, in her myth, she experienced many hardships as a primordial goddess who gave birth to a big part of the Greek Pantheon. What her story shows us is how no matter what happened, she was able to flow around obstacles in a very resourceful way with positive results.

So if we use the analogy of flow, and how a river moves over rocks and stones, is detoured by hard ground and yet continues on to the ocean regardless, there is an underlying concept of faith to consider. What are you putting your faith in? The rocks or the flow of the water?

If you mostly pay attention to the metaphoric sharp rocks, obstacles, and detours in your life, that is where your energy will flow and that is all that you’re going to notice. It will feel like struggle, with familiar pain and you’ll have turned on your fearful conditioning making it difficult to switch to a different mindset.

One thing is true. The Universe acts as a mirror to show you a reflection of what you focus on. Sustained attention will make this your truth, and whether you will expect to flow into a welcoming warm ocean or one that is dangerous and destructive.

So, If you mostly pay attention to the experience of flowing over and around whatever arises, knowing that your destination is true and calling you to experience all of life, your experience will be very different.

This is the kind of faith and trust that is required these days when real serious issues that are unavoidable call us to the task of being present without falling into it head first. I had to really put this into practice when my mom got cancer and died a few months later, and there have been countless other experiences since then that forced me to my knees and remind me to shift my focus.

Practicing flow isn’t just for the good times. It’s also important when you’re life’s river is about to fall over a giant waterfall. I remember thinking I had no choice, but to fall apart at the bottom or trust that the miracles had not run out.  Have you ever felt this too? Surrendering to the way things were playing out and trusting even though everything looked so bleak?

It feels very different when you move with faith into life.

This kind of relaxed soft focused attention brings you into an observant state where you’re not attached to anything. You naturally find yourself being in the flow or looking at whatever you’re flowing over, under or around without attachment. None of it really matters because when you’re in the flow your experience is creative, inspired, trusting and magical.

Sounds easy, this getting into an ease and flow state but it’s not. It takes daily commitment to recondition your mind and keep your heart open. No one stays in flow all the time, but if we can manage to be in it more, miracles have a way of showing up in life!

Valuable questions to ask yourself are  “Where is my dominant energy taking me?” and  “What am I focused on?” I have a great “Know Your Energy” quiz that you can help you answer these questions.  I also invite you to use my meditation exercise called “Get On Your Bird” that will allow you to get some distance and get into the flow state (which begins with being observant).

Sometimes life is suction cupped onto our faces and we can’t see that all is well. But it is, no matter the temporary conditions, your life is always moving forward. Why not choose to be present in the flow with ease and enjoy it? You will be so much more content and your intentions will surely be reflected in your world in beautiful ways.


With Love,

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