It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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How To Increase Your Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

People will treat you how you teach them to treat you.”

The foundation of your life is based on the foundation of your own self-esteem and your relationship with your self-worth. Self-esteem is at the root of your experience of yourself and other people. We tend to experience life at the level of our self-esteem, and the quality of our life will be at the quality of our self-esteem in terms of how we see ourselves. Listen to this very important episode as I dive deep into the signs of low self-esteem, and how to rise above and change your narrative to believe that "You are enough, just as you are."

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is the basis of self-esteem?
  • What are the signs of low self-esteem?
  • Are there remedies for low self-esteem?
  • Are there implications for basing our self-esteem on things around us?
  • How can you shift your narrative to increase your self-esteem?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The basis of self-esteem and how it has an enormous impact on your life.
  • How your self-worth can affect every single relationship in your life.
  • The 6 signs to look for that indicates low self-esteem and self-worth.
  • How self-esteem can affect bringing into your life: abundance, purpose, career and relationships.
  • 3 important keys steps to shift your self-esteem narrative and create the life you want.

“ You are enough just as you are.”

Rest in Center
You Are an Answer, Not a Problem

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