It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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How To Make It Your Best Year Ever!!!!

woman-enjoying-on-the-hill-while-celebrating-new-year-2020-picture-id1181288632 How To Make It Your Best Year Ever!!!!

Each year brings new lessons and opportunities for growth.

Each year you are given is a precious gift from the universe.

Each year is a new canvas that you get to create, a work of art that is your life.

It’s not the change of year that makes the difference but who you are being and what you bring to it.

So what will you bring to 2020 that was different than the year before.

And who will you be differently this year?

Don’t pray for the challenges of life to get easier, seek to expand your capacity and inner strength to deal with the inevitable obstacles that will come your way.

The more you evolve, the bigger the challenges of life become. It’s just a natural cycle. They just give you the opportunity develop the soul muscle, expand and grow.

So when challenges show up, give thanks, and know that the very fact that they are here is a sign that you are ready to rise above.

Your dreams this year will take you on a journey of becoming the person capable of fulfilling the vision.

Don’t base your success just on what you achieve but the degree to which you become the most authentic version of yourself and learn the lesson that 2020 has to teach you.

So, what are the lessons you feel this new year has to teach you?

What would be scary for you to acknowledge and pursue?

Where do you need to go outside of your comfort zone?

What is the deepest truth that you need to acknowledge that you currently aren’t?

This is the year to:

Check your ego at the door and let your soul guide every step of your way.

Follow through, complete projects and commit to mastery.

Stretch yourself outside your comfort zone and go where it’s scary.

Focus on being of service and give your gifts fully to those around you.

Commit to having fun daily, savoring every moment of your journey.

This is the year you have been waiting for.

You are ready.

But YOU must choose.

Over and over.

Don’t wait and see what kind of year it’s going to be.

Be the kind of person that 2020 is inspired by and simply cannot resist.

Who do YOU need be?

Simply, love everyone and everything like you have never done before.

Love radically.



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