How To Manifest The Change That You Really Want

magic-moment-picture-id531473774 How To Manifest The Change That You Really Want

In my weekly Oracle Card reading, in which I explain some of the really dynamic myths and messages from the Goddess, I also highlight a common theme that we are all experiencing. We are all in a rebirth period right now. This is an amazing time right now of change and evolution. Yet, as we pass through the different stages of change, there can often be a time of contraction where the change gets uncomfortable.

When we endeavor to make changes we have the excitement and energy of new intentions driving us. Yet, when we bump up against detours and challenges, and the intentions that we set to manifest do not come to fruition exactly as we thought they would, it can be disheartening.   

Have you ever set an intention to manifest something, then felt discouraged when it didn’t show up the way you’d hoped?


Or maybe you keep attracting the same things again and again (challenges, friends, types of men!), and you can’t figure out why – or how to create the change that you really want?

We’ve all been there!

Manifestation is a big buzzword these days, but many people are missing half of the story…

Everyone talks about setting intentions, but what happens AFTER
 you share your desires with the Universe?

What do you do in that 
in-between period when you find yourself thinking, “This isn’t even working!”? Or when life throws you a curveball – and it seems like you’re getting something very different than what you asked for?

Well…I’ve created a video to help you!

Watch and find out which Oracle cards I picked in response to the question:

“How do we all become a spiritual badass dream manifester? And make it easy for us to understand.”

Watch this short (and fun!) video:

If the word “manifestation” triggers your inner skeptic, try this… Watch the video, and practice with something really small. Give it a shot and see what shows up for you!

Start Taking Control of Your Life Today!
It’s Getting Better…

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