It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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How To Overcome Fear with the Miracle of Love

selflove How To Overcome Fear with the Miracle of Love
Most of us are grappling with only one main issue, that is, how to stay happy. Being calm, focused and joyous, in a world which is constantly drawing us, into its chaos, is definitely a well performed feat. How to keep our mood stable, and our lives in a state of balance, is something we need to work at, constantly. Keeping our wits about us, and our brains and bodies in a state of balance, is an art we need to master. This inevitably doesn't happen on its own, we need to make it happen.

Living a life, which is aware and at a level of consciousness which is constantly evolving, is our prime duty towards our own selves. It is only by living in a state of awareness that we are conscious of our day to day stresses and we have the ability to combat them.

Stress builds up within us because we allow fear to step into the realm of our existence. With no fear, imagine the possibilities. I feel it is only the fear within us that hinders us from stepping into progress.

We can say that it is an important part of our intuitive guidance. It is a system that leads us to cautious behaviour and helps protect us from many hasty negative decisions.

On the other hand fear holds us back from utilizing our true potential.

1. Fear of Rejection:  Prevents one from many actions, which could lead to positive results
2. Fear of Criticism:  This holds you from performing at an optimal level you are capable of, and using your intellectual gifts to the maximum.
3. Fear of Loneliness: This gets you stuck in relationships, just for the convenience, and not the joy of it.

So just as in ways, fear can protect us, it can also be a dampener in our lives.

We are all familiar with brain body anxiety.  We all go through emotionally uneasy phases, like feeling nervous, panicky, uneasy and worried. This manifests in various ways in our bodies.

1. Muscle Tension
2. Digestive tract is bloated
3. Shortness of breath
4. Lump in the throat
5. Mind goes blank
6. Feel dizzy
7. Feel you are losing control

This is the experience of fear
1. We experience fear with change
2. We fear when we take a risk
3. We fear when we are alone
4. We fear when we take new chances
5. We fear when we are overwhelmed
6. We fear when we resist changing
7. We fear the future

Clearly it is very obvious that our stress levels are controlled by our fear factor.

In order to rise above the fear factor, you need to live in gratitude for the gift of your mind and body, and realize how, by keeping the two in a constant state of balance, we put ourselves on a scale to elevate in our human existence.

You need to remind yourself everytime, when you feel the fear, overflow in you that you are an energized Being. Have faith in yourself and your capabilities and learn to trust yourself. You must feel good enough for yourself and the world constantly.

The real issue as realized by psychologist Susan Jeffers is not only about feeling the fear. Its how we hold the fear. Just as change comes and goes, fear also comes and goes.

1. Feel the fear
2. See what it indicates
3. Respond effectively
4. Release the fear

This is what each one is looking for. Fear is actually not loving yourself enough.

Be thankful for the gift of life. Make clear choices , as love and fear go hand in hand. Choose wisely in love and lead a life of Joy and fulfillment.
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