How To Pull Oracle Cards For the New Year!

crystal-ball-in-a-hand-prediction-for-new-year-2021-on-abstract-shiny-picture-id1279175030 As we look at the year ahead, our minds are filled with all sorts of questions and uncertainties…

“What should I focus on this year?”

“What really matters to me?”

“How can I best prepare myself for the path ahead?” and

“Will there be lines for toilet paper again?!?!”

Well, I’m not sure about the last question (I sure hope not, though…Charmin for all!), but I do know where you can turn for some guidance about what the Universe has in store for 2021: Oracle Cards!

Intention Setting with Oracle Cards

Doing an Oracle reading can help you set your intentions for the months ahead, as well as where you might want to turn your attention, where challenges might be waiting, and how to effectively move forward. 

I’ve been working with divination tools for over three decades (yes, I know… I started when I was four… ). I sensed early on that there was more to the world than what I could see and touch, and these tools offered me a way to explore and discover more about the Divine nature that unites us all.

How Oracle Cards Saved My Life

I can honestly say that without my Oracle Cards practice, I would not be alive today. 

It sounds a little dramatic (and true, I can be a bit dramatic at times…!!!) but it’s true. 

I was a drug addict for many years after experiencing serious trauma. I’m now 35 years clean and sober. Through my recovery worked I realized how critical that relationship to a Higher Power was. 

As I learned more and more, I saw just how powerful Oracle Cards could be in helping me get in touch with parts of myself I’d locked off and forgotten. But when I shut off parts of myself, I shut off access to my intuition. Once I re-opened those connections, my soul began to heal.

Now, I wouldn’t think about making a life decision — big or small — without them! 

I know first-hand how Oracle Cards can open doors to accessing your intuition. And when you access your intuition, you’ve opened the pathway to greater joy, to better decisions, to more confidence… Want some of that in 2021? Me too!

My Three-Card Reading

There are an infinite number of Oracle Card spreads you can use when you do your readings, from pulling a single card to laying out cards from multiple decks. That being said, I love the simplicity of three-card readings, particularly when embarking on something new (like a whole new year!)

In just a few cards, you can understand your path bringing you to this unique time and place… where you are now and what to focus on… and what may be in store for you in the days ahead! 

Let’s do a reading here together so you can see how it works. 

I chose my favorite deck, Wisdom of the Oracle, and selected three cards to answer the question, “What do I need to know as I move into the New Year?” 

 In this spread, the first card tells me what has brought me to my current situation. 

I pulled All That Glitters, such a fun one! It tells me that I may have made some decisions that were based on externals — the wish to impress, a mask that someone or something was presenting to the world, getting distracted by the veneer rather than the underlying value or worth. It reminds me that I need to look deeper beyond the surface of what is being presented to me in the outer world 

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