It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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How to Reestablish Your Knowing

How to Reestablish Your Knowing How to Reestablish Your Knowing

Today I want to give you three tips on how you can reestablish your “knowing,” which is what’s going on in your heart and body, and not just your head. It’s time to fully choose happiness. Choose health. Choose an end to distractions. Seek these things out.

I hope you’re ready!

3 Tips for Reestablishing Your Knowing

1. Catch Your Contemplation

One of the first ways you can tell that you’re in your mind or ego and not your inner knowing is that you’re contemplating different scenarios, trying to decide between this and that, and ultimately wrapped up in an inner debate with yourself.

Think about it. What ways do you get stuck in your head?

If you find yourself asking, “What about this? Or what about that? But this? But that? But this?” then understand this as a clear sign that you are not in your inner knowing. If you were in your inner knowing, you wouldn’t be pulling this grand debate up and going back and forth about it.

So how do we fix this?

You first have to recognize that you are in your mind, having an inner conflict, and need to reestablish your inner knowing. Begin by taking a deep breath, then breathe all the conflict out. It might sound simple, but this helps get you back into your body, which helps you reestablish your knowing.

2. Be Honest About Your Distractions

You know you’re not in your inner knowing when your physical body is reacting in some way. Everyone has a body intelligence that is absolutely incredible. The issue is that we’ve ignored it, particularly here in the western world, for generations. Even so, our body intelligence shows up in various ways.

For example, you find yourself choosing various distractions (eating, smoking, drinking, etc.) and your body is showing signs of anxiety or depression. These things are telling you that you are not in your knowing.

To reestablish your knowing, you need to get back into your body. Start by asking questions: why am I feeling this anxiety? Why did I just grab that bar of chocolate and shove it in my mouth? Why did I crack open that soda and chug it? Why am I choosing to smoke cigarettes and feeling like I need to distract myself?

There’s an awful lot of us who are not aligned with our body intelligence these days, so try to reestablish your knowing by not buying those things that are distractions for you the next time you go to the grocery store. Pause, realize when you’re in anxiety and when you’re choosing distractions, and then start making conscious choices to not participate in those distractions. This way, you can get back to your body and be in your inner knowing.

3. Beware of Repeating Patterns

How often do you find yourself repeating patterns? Maybe you’ve realized, “Hey, I’m having this conversation again with another person, and it’s the same conversation I’ve been having for a decade, and it’s like going down the same path, and I keep recreating this suffering cycle… ”

Can you relate?

What these cycles tell me is that you’re not in your knowing. How do I know this? Because you’re approaching things from the back of your head, from your amygdala, which is where all your subconscious patterning comes from. Any of you who’ve watched me or read my book before know that when we follow our subconscious patterning (in our amygdala), we can’t also live in the present moment (processed by our frontal lobe). We can’t be in these two places at once.

Remember that we have two operating systems: our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. So if we’re coming from our subconscious mind, we’re responding with a pattern that has been ingrained in us for our entire lives because these patterns have been established by the time we’re seven years old.

So how do you reestablish your knowing after being in the place of repeating subconscious patterns? With a thing called “havening.” You have to cross your left and right brain again, and here’s how you do that:


Begin by identifying how triggered you are on a scale of one to ten. Be honest with yourself. Then cross your arms over your front and run your hands from your shoulders all the way down to at least your elbows. Repeat twenty times. Once you’re done with your twenty, think again, “Where am I on my one-to-ten chart?”

When I do this on a physical level, it pulls me out of my subconscious mind and my past, putting me into my present moment. Not only that, but it physiologically changes me on a cellular level so I am better prepared to proceed in my knowing.

The Proof

Here’s the proof I want you to look for so you know you’re getting closer to being in your knowing: you’re having fewer inner debates, you’re getting involved in fewer power struggles, you’re having less anxiety and depression, or you’re in fewer repeating conversations, events, and patterns. When you’ve done the work and gotten into your knowing, these toxic things will all fall away.

Then the trick is, you must allow them to fall away. That’s the key.

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