How to Stop the Fear Virus

concerned How to Stop the Fear Virus

I’m sure you’ve noticed no matter where you live in the world that a great big inconvenient and temporary change is upon us. Certainty is a scarcity and everything is swirling in a vortex of unpredictability. 

We’ve all become susceptible to a virus … but not just the one in the news. Sure we all know about that one and there is tons of good information—a mix of medical and common sense about how to deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19). But what about the Other Virus? 

Think about it. COVID-19 is not just a medical emergency affecting our bodies. It’s a symbol of something deeper. The more powerful other virus I’m talking about is a thought virus that didn’t come from a foreign country. It rises up through our primitive fear and panic and takes its shape in separation, expresses in fear and hatred of the “other”, and conjures nightmares of scarcity. 

This thought virus causes more damage than the one that spawned it. 

And this virus has been swirling around a lot longer than COVID-19. Think about it—how the world has felt so edgy these past few years. It was the perfect petri dish for an experiment in biological terror. I’m not afraid of COVID-19. I’m afraid of the 
thought virus. 

The thought virus is so powerful. Why? Because it stimulates fear that makes you forget that the “other” is actually the same as you. Fear allows hate to eat you up from the inside out as panic erases your memory of your humanity…and do you really need all that toilet paper? Is this because deep down we think everything is heading for the shitter? (not my joke—I got that from Bill Maher)

If you allow yourself a moment to breathe, don’t you think It’s a time for patience, deep breathing, trusting in something Greater, considering what a beautiful opportunity it is to be more compassionate and creative and remembering we are all in this together? I do! 

The antidote for a thought virus is a major attitude adjustment, to focus on faith and trust, yes do the obvious practical things too, of course, be as prepared as you can, (and try to refrain from hoarding!)  but it’s in the mind and heart that the solution needs to come from too. It’s a real conscious commitment to look for the best in humanity, the best in yourself and the willingness to be accountable to bring that forward.

Because soon it will be a time to build bridges. What does our behavior around all this reflect about our beliefs and what does it say about who we are? 

We need to remember that our current conditions are not made in the moment, but rather the result of many decisions, mindsets, beliefs, and actions that began in the past. I don’t think this was an accident at all. Ask any astrologer about the opportunities that the planets are inviting us to experience. Many spiritual teachers talk about an “ascension” process and how this is part of it and how its supposed to be a bumpy ride. I think there is truth to all of this. 

So how do we manage the journey? One day at a time, one step at a time, one conscious choice at a time.

Remembering our primary relationship to a Higher Power, and following the prompts of faith.  There is a spiritual solution to manage all of this, even when your neighbor bought all the hand sanitizer there was on the shelf and isn’t sharing right yet “in case they need it.” It’s hard to see the humor in it, but it’s there if you look hard enough. 

And now here we are.  

This coming apart stage is fraught with uncertainty (I know I’m sounding like a broken record) and yet holds the opportunity for deep healing and miracles in spite of the darkness that has stirred up in the process. There is no denying what fear damages in the hearts of people. But that didn’t just happen out of the blue. It’s been festering for a long time.

The cultural shadow this virus has reawakened is being presented for healing, and yes it’s ugly and scary, yet it’s a call to love. How much do we love this planet, this world, this community, this family, this body, this soul that inhabits it, the one presiding Spirit that lives in everything, the ONE that created it? It’s a good time to find out. 

Every day since this happened I pull one of my Oracle Cards to reflect on what’s going on. How do I deal with this fear? I was really sick myself (who knows what it was)  and am very well now. So yes, I was scared100%. Yet 7 days in a row I have pulled a card that represents the Higher Power, or points to renewing my co-creative partnership with it. I know when I connect to my Higher Power, fear subsides and stress leaves my body and in spite of current conditions, I know something deeply meaningful that will help heal us all is taking place.

My focus is faith not fear. 

This is a universal truth that what we place our attention on grows, and what we resist persists, what we deny and repress will come to us as fate, and that until we learn to heal our own shadow selves, face our own bias, and beliefs about the “other” we will remain in the turmoil and continue to repeat it. Isn’t it interesting how this virus is forcing more separation? 

I know some of you are scared, some angry. I have been too! 

Even if the current conditions seem tumultuous, something extraordinary wants to be born. We need to remember who we are—connected at every level in spite of the divisions that make us forget this truth. Courage to believe and behave in a way as if all life is sacred and there is enough.

We may feel we have no control over these circumstances, but we sure can control our reactions and response. 

Fight the virus with faith not just hand sanitizer. Stay connected. Keep in mind faith calms the nervous system, and at the very least you’ll have less stress and your immune system will be much stronger as a result. 

Love the “other” as yourself. 

And for heaven’s sake leave some toilet paper on the shelf for someone else. 

We ALL gotta wipe. 

BIG VIRTUAL HUGs (at a safe distance!)… love Colette

P.S. If you’re interested in getting some certainty and sanity back in your life, and you want a little extra help to plug back into the Universe and get some divine guidance, check out my free 3 part video series called Oracle Card Secrets Masterclass coming out tomorrow! Seriously, Oracle Cards are the new self-help…everyone should be learning how to work with them! 

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