How To Trust The Universe Using Meditation!

How To Trust The Universe Using Meditation!

Life is inherently full of ups and downs. Good times and hard ones. Things that go our way and others that don’t.

The desire to have certainty and to feel a sense of control is a natural human response to stress, challenges, and the unknown. But living a Spirit-led life means developing a relationship of trust with your higher power. And, inherent in a relationship of trust, is releasing control and surrendering to the flow of life. 

This often feels easier said than done. 

The irony is that when we develop trust and faith in spite of our outer conditions, we can experience more peace and less stress and pain in our lives. Trusting the Universe won’t take away all of your challenges, but it will allow you to move through life with a sense of groundedness and ease.

What does it mean to trust the Universe? 

Before we can talk about how to trust the Universe and why it’s important, we have to define what trust means. We have to decide what exactly we trust the Universe to do and not do. 

Trust is defined as the belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of. So what can we rely on the Universe for? Where in our lives can we find evidence of the truth, ability, and strength of the Universe?

For me, I have trust that my higher power (the Universe, Spirit, God, etc.) will never harm me and that we have a relationship that is safe and loving. This doesn’t mean the Universe will relieve me of all of my suffering or stop anything bad from happening to me. 

Instead, it means that I can trust the Universe to help me navigate my suffering and challenges. That I can trust it to give me exactly what I need, even when it isn’t exactly what I want. This is what I know I can reliably trust the Universe to do. 

How to start trusting the Universe 

Do you trust the reliability of the Universe? If you struggle with trust, sometimes it helps to start by just entertaining the idea of it.

By simply being willing to set your distrust temporarily aside. Think of it like an experiment. Can you spend 30 days assuming the Universe has your back and just see what happens? 

In order to begin developing a trusting relationship with your higher power and learning how to let go, you have to give it a chance!

Start by writing down the ways in which you trust the Universe (or the ways in which you would like to). Take inventory of your current relationship with Spirit and ask yourself if you are letting your own WILLfulness get in the way. Often when we can’t trust, it’s because we’re being willful. 

Are you willing to surrender your will to the power of the Universe? This is where releasing control comes in. 

Accepting the fact that we’re not in control can be scary, but on the other side of this surrender is so much more peace and freedom. 

A prayer for trusting the Universe 

In order to let go and trust the Universe, we have to get out of our own way.

Meditation and prayer offer us a path to make this possible. If I’m struggling with trust and a desire to control, I like to use this prayer and meditate on it: 

This prayer helps me meditate on the sense of the Universe working through me as if it is a great artist and I am the paintbrush. 

Using Meditation to help trust the Universe 

When it comes to practical steps and spiritual tools to help you trust the Universe, meditation is the absolute best. Meditation helps us quiet the chatter of our minds and tune out the outer world to get in touch with our highest selves. 

Meditation helps silence thoughts of stress, overwhelm, doubt, and fear so we can reach a place of trust. I love using guided meditation for anxiety, and to help quiet the mind and learn to trust yourself and the Universe. 

There are many forms of meditation you can use to strengthen your relationship with Spirit and find trust, but guided visual journeys are especially helpful for bypassing the subconscious mind and overcoming thoughts and beliefs standing in the way of a feeling of deep trust. 


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