It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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How To Trust Your Intuition!


We are spiritual beings first and human second. Although it goes against what most of us were taught, intuition is our first sense. 

The one that helps us read between the lines, pick up on invisible information, feel things out and make good decisions, and understand the “vibe” we get from a person or situation.

When it comes to developing your intuition, the first thing you have to understand is that your intuition is NOT your intellect. Intuition doesn’t follow linear rules because it isn’t logical or intellectual. But it IS just as important as your intellect. 

In order to navigate our world, we need both – our power of analytics + logical thinking, as well as the soft, nuanced world of intuitive intelligence. 

Trusting your inner-voice means recognizing that certain things that don’t make any sense, but we still know they’re true. This can help us navigate a world where things are changing so rapidly. 

How To Develop Your Intuition 

We live in a dynamic reality where the consciousness of the Universe (a.k.a. God, Spirit, Source or whatever you choose to call it) is constantly speaking to us. And intuition is the part of us that makes communicating with this greater intelligence possible. 

You do this through deep listening. The reason a lot of people feel like they don’t know how to use their intuition or how to make good decisions that are led by Spirit is because we often ignore this inner-voice. We have a tendency to let our intellect get involved and run the show. 

The thing about your inner-voice is that it’s often soft + nuanced. It comes in a little push, a little nudge, a little clarity, or a subtle feeling. Sometimes it can come in a flash like a sudden epiphany, but even then, we’re getting these little signs all the time from the Universe. This is one of the reasons I created Oracle Cards, because they help facilitate the conversation between you and Spirit. 

This kind of listening isn’t necessarily about hearing sounds directly. It’s about hearing the messages that rise above the sounds. It’s about noticing when you turn the radio on and a song plays that speaks directly to you, and you just know it. Or when a coincidence happens that has meaning to you. You really notice that, and the sense of knowing it is specific. When you keep seeing the same bird, or noticing the same name everywhere. These are those little moments your mind remembers because for some reason, something specific catches your attention. Something doesn’t quite make sense to your logical mind, so it becomes a freeze-frame in your memory. 

The way you begin to develop your intuition and use it is by getting into this dialogue with the Spiritual world. By listening deeply and taking note of the signs. And when you want to take this deeper – to get more specific and intentional in your communication with the Universe – you can use tools like Oracle cards to facilitate the communication. 

How Do I Know If I’m Intuitive? 

Whether or not you’ve ever consciously connected to or even thought about your intuition, everyone is intuitive. Learning how to use this “sixth sense” is really about trust. 

Intuitive can mean a lot of things, but in short, being intuitive means that someone is deeply in tune to the invisible world. That they get information that is accurate + helpful for them by trusting their intuition. 

Although some people may be more intuitive than others or may have developed this part of themselves more thoroughly, we can all develop our intuition. We just aren’t taught this in school… so we have to wake it back up! 

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