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How yoga refreshes your mind while traveling

holidayyoga How yoga refreshes your mind while traveling

Traveling can be for leisure or work related but in both cases it may create havoc in your daily routine. Frequent traveling is often associated with negative health and mental effects which includes aches and pain in the body, stress, anxiety, exhaustion and sleepless nights. It can be caused due to the change in time zone and daily routine. It takes a toll on your body and you feel less energetic. It takes quite a while to shrug off the jet lag and come into your normal self to enjoy the travel. 

Stopping yourself to indulge in binge eating or eating the unhealthy street food becomes a task. This results in disruption of our healthy habits too, which might lead to weight gain. 

Traveling helps you push your boundaries and break free from the bubble of your comfort zone, therefore, creating many opportunities to evolve as a person and widen your worldview. As it is unlikely that you can hit the gym while traveling, this is where yoga can be of utmost importance as it does not require any equipment. Even if you are not carrying a yoga mat, you can perform some yoga asanas. Yoga helps you to find peace and calm in the chaos. By integrating yoga with your traveling you can have an experience of both worlds and emerge as a transformed person. 

Keeping the number of travelers in mind, various airports are offering facilities of yoga studios, spa services and meditation spaces to lay back and relax for a while. It is important to find harmony in your body and mind while traveling. 

Yoga is the easiest and equipment free exercise which you can do anywhere while traveling like in the hotel room, by the swimming pool, in a park or in the mountains. Restlessness, stress and anxiety will be at bay if you practice yoga regularly while traveling. 

Maintaining a rhythm while traveling is difficult, but it can be attained with the help of yoga. Grounding yourself to release the tension in your body while hopping from one place to another is of utmost importance!

Are you a person who is afraid to take up traveling because it interferes and disrupts your daily routine and leads to weight gain? If yes, fret not anymore because yoga will come to your rescue. 

Here are some of the benefits of yoga while traveling:

Manages stress

In this world of competition, nobody is immune to stress but what we can do is to learn how to manage stress. Traveling for work often fills our mind with stress as we have to meet the deadlines. Even traveling for leisure creates stress as we have to catch the scheduled flight, bus or train. Controlled breathing, meditation, asanas and stretching can help in reducing the levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Yoga helps in reducing stress, lower your blood pressure and heart rate by eliminating the risk of heart diseases.  

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is not a new word anymore. All of us feel anxious at some point of time. Yoga practice will help you to transfer the focus from the outer world to your inner self. You will be able to pay attention to your breath which will in turn refresh your mind.

Improves sleeping pattern

Traveling to countries having different time zones often leads to jet lag which disrupts your sleeping pattern. Traveling can often result in insomnia. Sleep is a vital part for a healthy body and mind like food and exercise are. It helps you to release the tension and stress from your body and boosts energy for the next day. Practicing some yoga asanas and meditation will not only improve your sleep quantity but sleep quality as well and helps you sleep faster. You wake up refreshed and full of energy and able to start your day on a positive note if you sleep better.  

Provides daily dose of energy

Long hours in flights, sightseeing, shopping and walking for miles during traveling drain the energy out of your body. Well, if you do not feel energetic during traveling, how will you spend your days out of the mundane routine happily? Try yoga to give you a boost of energy. Yoga asanas and meditation relieves stress from your body which in turn will give you a dose of energy.

Relaxes your body and mind

Traveling makes your body and mind tired. It generally results in neck pain, backache, cramps and headache making it difficult for you to enjoy your vacation. Practicing yoga will help you relieve the pain in these areas by strengthening the muscles. It also improves flexibility in your body. Yoga helps in strengthening the back and abdominal muscles which in turn helps in maintaining proper posture and movement. This reduces back pain issues.

If you want to experience a combination of yoga and travel you can explore some of the trekking packages in India. 

De-clutters your mind

Traveling not always provides you a break from the busy routine if you are traveling for work. Long working hours, meeting deadlines and jet lag not only put pressure on your body but your mind too. As you enter the world of travel that is full of chaos you can find a way to keep yourself grounded. By practicing yoga and meditation regularly while traveling you can de-clutter your mind and invite peace. 

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