How You Speak Affects Your Finances

How You Speak Affects Your Finances How You Speak Affects Your Finances

Have you heard the research from the universities of Chicago and Munich? If you have a regional accent, then it’s likely you could be earning a fifth less than your colleagues with neutral accents. This is huge news for anyone who cares about their financial potential!

The way you speak has a direct effect on your current finances and your earning potential… but wait. I recommend taking this a step farther than just polishing your accent and really dive deep into how you speak.

How Do You Speak?

Have you ever paid attention to the way you speak? Maybe you take time to think about what you say before you say it in a business meeting or job interview, making sure you select the right words so you communicate clearly and effectively, but have you thought about it any deeper than that? Obviously you understand that the way you communicate in certain situations can have an impact on the outcome of that situation, but what else can your words impact?

I never used to think overly much about how I spoke. I didn’t ask myself if the way I was speaking was genuine for me rather than how I’d been raised and convinced to speak. I didn’t examine my words to see if they built me up or tore me down. I didn’t really take the time to think if I was speaking like me, presenting myself accurately, or inviting what I really wanted through my words.

I didn’t yet understand what a huge impact my words have on my life.

Words Have Energy and Power

The meaning of the words we say create and reinforce our beliefs, driving our behavior, and ultimately creating the world around us. Our words set the stage for our future, since what we say makes a difference in what happens next.

Think about it. When quantum physics was first discovered, we learned that physical matter doesn’t actually exist. Everything around us is just energy moving at different states of vibrations. Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, once said, “Atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities, rather than one of things or facts.”

Life itself is more of an energy flow than the physical, logical place so many of us would like to make it. That means that being aware of that energy flow—how we affect it and how it affects us—is imperative to creating the life we want.

Harness Your Power

The emotions you feel, the choices you make, and the words you breathe into existence all have a frequency and a power. These things all have an effect on how you move forward. The cool part is that you can reframe a situation and set the stage for the life you want all by determining what you put out into the world. Rather than letting emotions, decisions, and words flow through you without thinking about it, you can harness their energy and determine where they go.

If you keep repeating the same defeated phrases, you allow yourself to duplicate old bitter mistakes since you’re trapping yourself in a disingenuous, negative mindset. When you start speaking words with positive energetic vibrations, however, making choices that are aligned with your inner self and proceeding with a positive perspective, you’re setting yourself up for success and inviting good into your life.

And this will change everything.

How Are You Speaking?

Yes, research shows that having a regional accent could have a negative affect on your finances, but don’t stop there. Pay attention to more than just polishing your pronunciation and really dive deep into how you speak. What are you saying? What are you inviting? Who are you presenting to the world? Don’t be afraid to make a change.

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