It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Imagine A Reality and Follow It Through

The greatest gift to mankind is life itself. It is a true adventure. Life should be joyful, fulfilling and drenched in happiness. A true prophecy of its own divinity. Most men and women are so bogged down by their day to day means of survival, that they forget to savor the wonders and fulfillment of just being alive. 

It is in our own hands to change our life from boring, humdrum and painful, to vibrant and meaningful. We need to use our mental skills to change. 

Everything that goes on in our lives is actually stemming from the mind. If we change the way our mind works, we are actually changing our lives. The human species is in transition constantly. Evolution is also what can be described as change. 

We all have certain thought patterns, and this is what is actually creating our lives. Changing these thought patterns would be actually leading to a change in our lives. Mankind instinctively would know that somewhere within is the power to change these thought patterns. 

All people suffer from some kind of stress or the other, more specially in today's modern world, where the constant elevation of lifestyle,  leads to a certain level of stress. The subconscious mind has the power to alleviate this stress, through a conscious change in the thought process. 

From down the ages people have believed that tapping the incredible power of the subconscious would lead to healing. Rituals and potions appealed to the minds of most people. Although these were supplied by the priests concerned, it was the persons own imagination and mental strength, through his subconscious, that facilitated the healing.

Healing in people takes place when the belief of the person requiring the healing, releases the healing power residing within the sub conscious.

 In all the religious scriptures, somewhere it has been stated that, whatever you desire, you pray for and you shall receive. If we believe and accept, that our thought is a reality, that our desire is already fulfilled, then it's realization follows. The success of this idea is totally dependent on our conviction. 

For any idea to become a reality, it has to exist in the mind first. 

Faith is a way of thinking, an attitude of the mind. It is beyond rational thinking, it is a simple embracing of an attitude of complete reliance on the inner power of your sub conscious mind. 

 "As you will believe,  so will it be" If you will fear and doubt and show anxiety,  then you will be attracting these qualities,  and undo the benefits your faith has created. Healing occurs through total faith in the subconscious mind.

We need to have the conviction,  that the healing power will change,  the negative destructive patterns in a person's subconscious.  Healing is an automatic response to the internal mental change.  Our belief and affirmation is an appeal to the subconscious mind and it is an absolute level of trust in the response of the subconscious mind. 

Choose a certain mental plan, unite mentally and emotionally with the idea. Remain faithful. Prayer is the answer. 
Keep only thoughts of health and vitality going through the subconscious mind. Let negative thought fade.

If you will imagine a reality and follow it through,  you will create it. Belief is a thought and thought creates. Think love, think Joy, think Happiness
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