Imagine What’s Possible For You

Imagine What’s Possible For You - Panache Desai

My reality, the entirety of my reality, has been enlisted to provide me with the evidence of my wholeness. Every single person in my life has now been enlisted with bringing me the experience of my wholeness. 

Life is showing you who you are. But most of us who have been coming to Call to Calm every morning have seen who we are. Life doesn’t have to show us our unconscious anymore because we don’t have a problem being a human being. No matter how we are showing up, we don’t invalidate ourselves anymore. We are having an experience. The sooner we accept it, and embrace it, the faster we return to peace and operate from completion. This is being in the flow, in harmony and in receiving. This is where it becomes powerful. This is why it’s magic time!

Before Merlin taught magic, he taught peace. When you look at any scripture, any path or tradition, or any great being, they all say the same thing: with peace all things become possible. When you operate from completion, you experience the highest manifestation of your life. The things that once used to be problems or issues aren’t problems or issues anymore.  

I am whole and complete and I command my entire reality to bring me the evidence of my wholeness and completion everyday. Give to the world, to your reality the totality of who you are. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.

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