It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Infinite Connection as Peace, Power, Heart and Flow.

cosmicpeace Infinite Connection as Peace, Power, Heart and Flow.

In this time of chaos, uncertainty and old conditioning resisting change, what is the key to not only surviving the passage but recognizing and creating peace,  grace, heart opening and flow? 

Do we continue to transform what is not working or let go completely to a new timeline?

And is it possible now to jump?

Is love an emotion or harmonic resonance in the Space Time continuum?

Are we actually supreme influencers in the Cosmos?


Big questions...


Last night I had the exquisite opportunity to lead a deep dive into these questions through sound, movement, silence and infinite fluidity of the Universe.

The context of the dive was to activate 4 intelligences:

Fluid Intelligence

Field Intelligence

Heart Intelligence

Body Intelligence

All inherent, entangled, coherent, connected and ever present within every living cell and being in our known cosmology. All in an ongoing conversation, wave motion light infused information exchange .

How do we do that?


We are already embedded in the Continuum of all fields , intelligences and supreme flow and by cultivating our already present connection, awakening to this Infinity, we call in, open up the capabilities of all of Creation enriching our biological, energetic and spirit bodies with each breath, each turn of the Earth, each influx from the galaxy of new light and each heart beat of an infinite Cosmos.


CONNECTION is power, peace, heart and flow.


The singularity of the heart is the main portal, gateway, stargate with the  strongest electromagnetic field, deepest transmitter and translator of signals coming in and going out to all fields. It is through this connection, coherence and connectivity that makes us influencers innately. When we feel disconnected, though we never are, uncertainty, chaos and fear cause constriction of the gateways and our DNA begins to twist  constricting our receptors (codons) to the greater flow of information and light or photonic codes., possibilities and pathways.


What then is a solution?


Take time to tap into the Infinite connection, the 4 intelligences, the Love frequency that holds the entire Universe together remembering that we hold this internally and eternally~there is nothing to recreate here. Relax into receptivity, activate the peace, power, heart and flow that is calling us forward and beckoning us Home. It is the Cosmology/Biology Resonance (as I call it) from which all emerges and expresses.

We are now in a feedback loop energetically that is new, known and unknown, visible and invisible that we have never been in before. Within this we can literally change our molecular, cellular and energetic signature. This is what we experienced in the dive last night...miraculous.

I breathe

I move

I connect

I receive

I  Am


Here are some practices or direct experiences to activate:


Begin by getting comfortable lying down or sitting

Close your eyes and go within

Allow silence ...allow innate peace

Breathe in and out through your heart space in the center of your chest, center of your being, suspended heart singularity...

Allow that heartwave to continue on its own in and out in all directions

Sense each heart in every cell light up and breathe in this heartwave breath...

Each singularity in every cell...light and breath

Sense now the stars in the galaxy, all light

all breathing with your cells in perfect resonance...

Cells to stars

Atoms to galaxies

protons to Universes

perfect coherence

perfect flow of light and information streaming back and forth in conversation...





fully connected...

it is from this place we live, love and express ignited, infused.


I will be teaching the full Dive practice along with Flight soon, here are 2 very powerful sounds that are deeply activating that you can gently play with:



which is the primordial (first) sound of our Universe ( The Humming Effect by Andi and Jonathan Goldman )

simply lying down and gently repeating  hummmmmmmmmm allowing it to vibrate and travel through your cellular sytem and out to the Universe looping back to you

this direct experience can change our system in many ways....slowly and without force of course.


-Huuuuuuuuuuu ("whooooo")

An ancient sound of the spirit or inspiritu ( in Sufi practice and other ancient cultures)

In sounding this we do so almost like an open breath sound

the infusion through our body to all fields and back of spirit....beautiful


If these activate you to gently move your body with the sounds and infusions please do so.

Make sure you are grounded after these experiences and drink water

Allow your connection to arrive and arise...


As always thank you for who you are, for your light and presence...

and we walk this world together.


Navigating the Matrix of the Ego
Shed the Old and Embrace the New.

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