Dreams and visions are a beautiful part of this life. The emerging self is always seeking to accept the now moment, while at the same time welcoming the mystery around the corner.

I realized a few years ago the statement “I am waiting on my dreams to come true” was not a true metaphysical and proactive statement for me. This statement put the outcome on something or someone else outside of my own power and control. I have since learned to declare, “My dreams are waiting for me to come true.”

I am claiming my role as co-creator in realizing my dreams by deepening my own self-awareness and development in what I want to become in this future dream.

As I hold the space for my dreams to become realized, I continue to grow my consciousness, so when the dream appears I will be ready. Harry Potter was told, “Do not keep your focus on the realization of your dream, otherwise, you will miss your life.”

Everything in your life has prepared you for where you are right now. You are where you are supposed to be. When your dream is ready and you are ready it will appear to you. As an Intentional Spirit, you will say, “Welcome, my friend. I have been preparing for
you. I am ready.”

When my god-daughter named Miracle was three, she, like all children, loved a set of keys. Whatever bag she packs she makes sure the keys are with her. She feels in her heart that somewhere, at some time, those keys will unlock something magical and her heart’s desires will be fulfilled on the other side of the door. As adults, we are no different than a three year old child.

The key of magic and longing placed in our heart is still there, and we still carry our bunch of keys with us wherever we go, just like Miracle does. However, as Intentional Spirits, we await and prepare for our dreams and know we have the key to unlock the
door of opportunity when it comes knocking on our path.

As Intentional Spirits we do our part to elevate our energies and prepare ourselves so we are ready to receive. It is essential to stay committed to the energy lying dormant in yourself longing to be awakened.

Keep walking, Intentional Spirit. Remain engaged and continue to honor this amazing creation called you. I heard a statement,
“A miracle is what happens when you wake up one day and you are there and you don’t recall all the steps it took to get you there.”

Live intentionally as a miracle and your life will continue to birth many dreams within your lifetime.

This article is an excerpt from my new book: Being A Difference Maker: A Guide For Living Life Out Loud.

Loving Life,


Being a Difference Maker: A Guide for Living Life Out Loud

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