Is It Time to Press Your Pause Button?


Have you lost your spark or feel uninspired lately? Has the stress of your job or family drama taken all you have left? Are you becoming more pessimistic about the monotony of life, the people around you or even yourself?

This is when you need to press your Pause Button!

When you begin to lose sight of your purpose and direction, your soul will be there—nudging you with signs and signals to step back from the relentless pace of your routine and rediscover your true nature.  

I believe one of the purposes of my “Soul Inspirations” newsletter is to remind us that there will be times in our lives, even moments, when we forget that we’re a part of something greater than ourselves. We forget that we’re a Divine expression of God. This is when we need to make a conscious effort to remember who we really are at a soul level. How do we that? By hitting our Pause Button, taking a break from all the activities in our outer world and going within to connect with our souls.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                    

Just for one day this week, take a break from your normal routine and practice seeing everyone as a soul. When you look in the mirror first thing in the morning, take a moment to see yourself as an earthly expression of the Divine.

Then, as you go about your day, make it a point to view every person you come into contact with (YES, everyone!) as a Divine Soul. Use your imagination and your spiritual eyes to view life through soul light.

One way to do this is to imagine there’s a tiny light that’s visible in the heart center of everyone you meet. Observe how you begin to feel as you do this throughout the day. As your awareness of people’s souls expands, you’ll start to notice that you have a different perception and appreciation for others. This will also help you build a strong connection with your own soul and Divine light.

You are and always will be connected to God—The Divine Source. When you begin to appreciate and live at the soul level, you’ll know you’re never alone. But more important, you’ll realize just how powerful you really are. And with that knowing, you’ll find yourself making choices that are for your highest good and feel your soul shine again.

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Live a Soul-filled life!

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