It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Is Our Stress A Lack of Faith In Our Own Abilities?

changinglenses Is Our Stress A Lack of Faith In Our Own Abilities?
Why are we stressed? Isn't it a lack of faith in our own abilities? We could even say, it's a lack of self confidence within our own selves. When we talk of personal success, the first, and foremost thought we focus on is self confidence. People don't succeed many a time in life because of their lack of personal faith within their own selves.  


It is only when this lack of belief is there, that people start building stress within themselves. If you believe that you are worthy and able, you will have a confident air about you.You basically need to change your attitude from negative to positive, as it is the attitude which will determine your personal power. 


Since we have learned to understand that our personal power is dependent on the energy that generates from within, we also realize that with our intentional effort, we can change things, including environments and circumstances. We need to give it some time and effort. 


Confidence seems to be an elusive quality. Few people understand it, or consciously create it. If people began to realize how easy it is to create it, life would definitely tilt the balance in their favour. 


The source of confidence, is the Self image. How we see ourselves is so connected with what we expect of ourselves. If you have a negative picture of yourself, you will naturally perform that way since you have already created that reality with your negative thought. A positive thought on the other hand, will create a positive reality.


If you expect the best from your ownself, you will naturally create the best. We can clarify this by citing an example. Let's say as a youngster, public speaking was a fear and you thought it would continue like this always. But, with a personal ability to cure this self defeating image, you conquer the fear and you get rid of the impossible fear cycle, and you become a great public speaker,  that is the important thing. We have the option of accessing a new neural network, creating a brand new image, and redefining ourselves. 


To a very large extent, we are all aware of our own personal stressors. It is important for us to live in our own awareness zone.  Once we learn to discover our own inherent weaknesses, we can create our own ways of overcoming them.  


We need to change our own personal history, through personal self mastery. We need to teach ourselves, some personal affirmations, which will help us release negative attitudes, or self defeating imagery. Start the process of creating new visuals.  Find new emotions and newer ways of dealing with life and your own self. 


While going through a stressful pattern, and understanding your own apparent involvement, you need to assess it first. Then start working on visuals to change it. Select a safe scenario in your daily routine. Visualize it, and live it mentally. Working on this repeatedly will definitely benefit you. 


Whenever worry takes over, you need to remind yourself of the consequences. You can question your own thinking by asking yourself a few questions:
  1.  If it is about solving a problem, is it worth the mental thought to create a negative scenario and then wallow in self pity?
  2. Is creating pessimistic energy negating your self worth?
Self created worry,  is just self created misery. Give yourself the option of moving away from this space of negative alignment. Create new neural pathways of life. Reverse negative patterns.  


Real affirmation is a way of life. A flow positive intentions can carry you through. Affirmation is the beginning of creating a destiny. Refuse to live in fear. Affirm and acknowledge yourself. Honor your identity, value your life, simply decide to be happy. 
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