It’s Never ‘If Only…’ Because Divine Flow Keeps Our Cup Overflowing


Do you know people who are constantly saying things like…

If only I had a better job…

If only I had more money…

If only my partner was [fill in the blank]...

If only I was blessed like [fill in the blank]...

Perhaps you sometimes feel this way, too. If so, don’t beat yourself up; it’s a fairly common human response to challenges and setbacks. 

However, I’ve realized that the truth of Conscious Living is that it’s never “If Only…”

This is because when we surrender to our true nature (our higher Self), we know with every cell of our being that The Divine is within and there is no such thing as separation or lack...

When our objectives and intentions come from Truth—conscious and pure…

We naturally stretch into activities that nurture us and life itself. In that Divine flow and fullness, we mostly experience that we are loaded up to every inch of capacity. That feeling easily translates into “I have more,” “I am blessed,” and “I’m exactly where I was intended to be to experience the fullness of love and prosperity in its myriad forms.”

There is no “if” or “if only”!

No matter where we are in life, no matter how it seems at the time, we are part of the Divine Unfolding. 

So long as the Divine within can feel our willingness to be in conscious service, we will constantly evolve into higher and higher capacities.

When we live in trust, The Divine Flow keeps our cup overflowing. We will wake up to each new day constantly surprised by unexpected opportunities to serve and shine.

Maybe you’re someone who understands exactly what I’m talking about. You want to continue expanding and developing so that the Divine can keep filling you up, but you just don’t know how to go about it.

There are many paths, of course. Here at Humanity’s Team, my teammates and I come together every day to collaborate on developing and implementing free programs, Masterclasses, podcasts, videos, heartfelt communications, Accelebration events, monthly newsletters, and so much more.

We do this because we are all invested in the conscious journey—for ourselves and for one another. Our offerings, free and fee-based are for you, to support and encourage you to trust, expand, and evolve.

I invite you to go to our website at and spend some time perusing our pages. You’ll find replays of our Weekly Livestreams with special guests, an entire page devoted to our podcasts with global thought leaders and experts, faculty pages highlighting our Masterclass and Global Oneness Summit partners, our PACE statement (Planetary Awakening, Conscious Evolution), our Free Resources page, and much much more.

Let’s continue developing our capacities together.

In Oneness,


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