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Enlightenment with Panache Desai

Enlightenment is not something far away – an unrealistic possibility reserved for a select few. It exists as your essential Self, already fully present within you. It only has to be revealed, and that is a vibrational journey.

Transformation is about revealing the Authentic Self – it is revelation.

It’s about unveiling the light within—it is illumination and enlightenment.

It’s about remembering who you essentially are – it is remembrance.

It’s about realizing your True Self – it is Self-realization.

It’s about recognizing the Essential Self – it is Self-recognition.

It is about creating a new relationship with you and your world – it is Oneness.

This year I will be presenting 4 Immersions called The Enlightenment Course. This free call is the introduction to the first Enlightenment Course: Transcendental Consciousness: Turia.

Please join me on March 19th for the start of The Enlightenment Course, where I explain enlightenment and your journey to reveal that expanded state.

I will also give the profound Activation of Oneness on March 14th at 4:30 Eastern, to prepare you to receive the highest teachings ever publically given on Enlightenment.

Free Online Seminar
Experience Enlightenment
March 8th at 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT
Via Facebook Livestream

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Enlightenment with Panache DesaiThu 8 Mar
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