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Dancing with Your Feminine Fire with Devaa Haley Mitchell

Ignite the energies of Pele, Kali, and Isis within you to live your passion, speak your truth, and release what no longer serves you.

Discover how your primal powers can help you break through outdated personal and cultural beliefs to create meaningful work in the world, deeper relationships, and a happier, more vital you.


What would it feel like — and what would you create in your life — if you could consistently speak your truth, set healthy boundaries, and live more confidently and passionately?

Perhaps you’ve experienced these delicious moments of self-empowerment — when you embodied discernment, clear intention, boldness, and a courageous open heart.

Or maybe you yearn to live in this way — to be liberated from self-imposed limitations, beliefs, and behaviors and from the familial, cultural, or societal expectations you’ve adopted throughout your life.

As a woman, you already hold the transformative energies you need to shift your way of being AND your life.

You always have.

These primal powers — tied to the birth/death/rebirth cycles of life — have been described for millennia, honored in ritual and myth, and are inherent in the energies of the ancient Goddess lineages.

And these Goddesses are available to help you rediscover, embrace, and ignite your Feminine Fire.

Your Feminine Fire is your dynamic spark of vitality, your unique brand of creativity and purpose.

And it’s supported and inspired by the full spectrum of your innate feminine qualities, including receptivity, compassion, presence, wisdom, passion, courage, discernment, creativity, sensuality, and, of course, love.

Igniting your Feminine Fire gives you the capability to “burn through” and transmute what’s simply NOT working in your life and in the world.

This transformative wildfire can help you clear the path and fan the flames of your passion to create exciting and meaningful work in the world, deeper and more fulfilling relationships, and a more healthy and vital life.

You can also clear the way for your soul’s true desires to take root and grow a purposeful way to give back — to share your unique gifts and make a real difference in the lives of others.

Yet, like many women, you may be experiencing a quelling of your Feminine Fire — now more than ever — by the dominant and often oppressive patriarchal structures of today’s world...

In Dancing With Your Feminine Fire, transformational leader, Inspiring Women Summit founder and Shift Network co-founder Devaa Haley Mitchell will share ways you can enhance your Feminine Fire — and start to break through these outer (as well as your inner) obstacles to accessing your primal powers — by drawing from the Goddess energies of Pele, Isis, and Kali.

Meet 3 Deities of the Earth & Skies


Pele is the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, Goddess of the Volcano, and the expression and embodiment of Divine creative power.

When you draw from Pele’s fiery earth energies, you reignite the flame of passion, the fire of purpose. Her primal energy will kindle your inner wild woman — who longs for greater freedom — and support you to take dynamic action in your life and the world.


Isis is an Egyptian Mother Goddess celebrated for her protective nature and ability to help the needy and heal the sick. She’s also known as the Goddess of the Heavens and believed to hold magical powers that transcended those of all other deities.

When you draw from Isis’ energies, you can tap into a deeper level of courage that can help you speak your truth. And in doing so, you open the door to living with greater discernment and in alignment with your soul’s true path.


Most know the Hindu Goddess Kali as both creator and destroyer. Your own raging — and seemly destructive — Kali energy can be used for good, to help you break away from outdated ways of being, as you boldly step into new territory. Kali can also help you to annihilate what stands between you and the Divine.

When you invoke Kali, you step into a level of ferocity that supports you to truly let old patterns burn away, while tilling the fertile soil of what’s yet to come.

A Free Video Event
With Transformational Leader &
Inspiring Women With Soul Founder
Devaa Haley Mitchell
Saturday, March 17, 2018  10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

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