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Discovering Universal Wisdom from the Mayan Calendar with Grandmother Flordemayo

Experience the wisdom of the Mayan calendar to guide and heal your life with a renowned Indigenous elder and wisdom keeper.

Discover the power of knowing each day’s sacred meaning and aligning with the archetypal forces available to help you live in greater harmony, truth, and love.


What if you had a means to better navigate your days? Something that could help you better understand life’s ups and downs? Provide you with insights into how to live more harmoniously — within yourself, with others, and on the planet?

This is the wisdom the Mayan calendar holds...

It offers us a way to gain insights into how we’re connected to, and can align with, the greater cosmic forces — the energies that mediate between the real and the unreal or the positive and negative.

The Mayan calendar serves as a bridge between worlds, reminding us that we’re both terrestrial and celestial.

This way of seeing and approaching life — through our connection with the wisdom of the Earth and its galaxies — was developed by the Mayan people thousands of years ago.

The Mayan calendar is still used by Mayans to guide them in healing, ceremony, and living a spiritual life. And it’s not just one calendar, but multiple calendars that chronicle — and can help us understand — different levels of time.

Reported to have been received as “star wisdom” from ancient ancestors, on any given day the Mayan calendar can guide you in how to orient to both celestial and terrestrial wisdom and to move in more harmonious ways with the natural energy currents around you.

When you know how to access its great wisdom, the Mayan calendar can guide you in living life with greater reverence and acceptance, and in love and harmony with all of creation.

Each day is “governed” by a daylord — a particular archetype whose energy shapes and influences whether it is an auspicious day for certain activities. For example, a particular day may be good to nourish yourself, another may be a good day to release what no longer serves you.

And, each of us has our own different signs or daylords that are influencing us, too.

You can look to the Mayan calendar to access when it’s best to undertake particular creative projects, undergo surgery, or when to have a wedding or hold a celebration of life. Or, to understand why your life seems out of control on a particular day — and to choose a better day to complete your tasks with greater ease.

On a deeper level, the Mayan calendar offers us a philosophy of life, a way of understanding the universe, our experiences, and lives.

Looking to the Mayan calendar for guidance is like looking through the frame of an ancient window to see both your own unique patterning and the larger forces at play — at any given time.

In Discovering Universal Wisdom From the Mayan Calendar, you’ll have the rare opportunity to receive teachings from the revered wisdom keeper, Grandmother Flordemayo.

She’ll offer you a spiritual path guided by the energies of the universe and filled with profound insights into how you can shift to a more harmonious, healthy, and happy future for all of humanity.

A Free Virtual Circle
With Universal Healer and Member of the 
International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers 
Grandmother Flordemayo
Wednesday, March 21, 2018  5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern


Location On-Line Event