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3 Keys to Mastering Your Soul’s Evolution with Linda Backman
Soul's Evolution

Discover the origins of your soul (on Earth or other planets) and the lessons of your soul archetype in this lifetime...

Deepen your understanding of challenges carried over from other lifetimes — and begin to access daily wisdom from your guides.

Have you had a glimpse of a past life? Maybe it was in a dream, a shamanic journey or a near-death experience...

Or perhaps you have a sense that your relationship with a close friend or family member stems from a connection before this lifetime...

Many cultures believe in reincarnation (both religious and nonreligious societies), with the idea that souls evolve in ways which are unique to each soul.

And regardless of your own experience or beliefs, you can glean wisdom, guidance, and clarity from these glimpses of the past, or sensations that you’ve “lived before.”

This wisdom can shine light on the challenges of your life, here and now.

For example, through past life regression, people have uncovered the roots of a chronic illness or physical condition from events in a previous lifetime.

A longstanding relationship, family dynamic, or a choice to enter into a particular profession can also be linked to past lives.

Beyond these more immediate and specific revelations, you can also work with these insights to consciously shape the trajectory of your soul and complete chosen lessons by understanding how it evolves...

Linda Backman brings a rare, grounded approach to working with past lives and soul evolution. Trained as a traditional psychotherapist and skeptical of New Age teachings, she became a teacher and past-life regression therapist somewhat reluctantly.

After being in private practice as a therapist for 25 years, clients began presenting material that they associated with events and people in past lives.

Through these discoveries, Linda became convinced the soul evolves and is influenced by three distinct factors:Support of spirit guides, the archetypal energy of the soul, and the nature of incarnations on Earth — and for a small number of souls, other planets.

A Free Virtual Event
With Renowned Author, Psychologist &
Regression Therapist 
Dr. Linda Backman
Wednesday, May 16, 2018    5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

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