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2018 Global Gathering with Panache Desai

The 2018 Global Gathering is a call to enter the heart – a direct experience of the Absolute Love that resides at your core. Transformation is much more than understanding a high teaching. It is also about the direct experience of grace, the Sacred Compassionate Energy that reveals your Divine nature of absolute love.

When hundreds of people committed to their enlightenment come together from every corner of the world, waves of love and compassion are released from the collective heart for the benefit of all people.

At this year’s Global Gathering you will be empowered toward:

  • Experiencing a more heart-centered life.
  • Becoming the abode of compassion.
  • Allowing Absolute Love to become your dominant experience.
  • Moving into fuller connection with God’s creative impulse of love.
  • Becoming the Divine instrument of Absolute Love.

"It is my honor to facilitate life shifting transformations at Global Gatherings. I delight in your victories and celebrate your successes. I see your potential, I know what you’re capable of and I would love for you to see and feel it for yourself. This immersive Gathering will be like nothing that has come before it." - Panache Desai

3-Day In Person Event
2018 Global Gathering
Absolute Love
Denver, Colorado
August 17 – 19, 2018

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Location Ritz Carlton - Denver, Colorado
1881 Curtis Street
United States
(303) 312-3800