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August 23 -26 | Phoenix, AZ

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How to Grow Your Own Herbal Medicine with Chancal Cabrera


Take control of your health by growing the herbs you need — AND create your own herbal medicines from the plants already growing in your garden.

Discover which plants to grow for health conditions such as immune disorders, sleep challenges, and digestion issues.

Tap into the innate, inherent healing resonance of plants, nature, and all that is alive and vital — for self-care and radiant health.


Do you use herbs for your health and personal care?

Are you looking to deepen your knowledge (or learn for the first time!) how to prepare herbal remedies for yourself and your family?

Do you relish spending time in nature, basking in the calming and restorative atmosphere of forests, wildlands, and other natural areas?

Maybe you’re drawn in by the magical, mystical, and often miraculous ability of plants to heal our bodies, minds, and souls...

Ancient systems of natural healing, such as botanical medicine, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine, have shown us that plants have remarkable healing properties that can help transform your life’s journey. They can heal your body, open your mind, and even reverse aging.

And those healing, transformative benefits are as close to you as your own garden.

There are an infinite number of ways you can bring plants into your life and use them safely and effectively to enhance your wellbeing. So it’s no surprise that three out of four people in North America use herbal medicines on a regular basis — be it turmeric for arthritis, St. John’s wort for depression, ginkgo for memory, or any of a myriad other herbs to manage and improve their health.

Even common weeds like dandelion, plantain, and horsetail can be effective remedies and have powerful healing effects...

Aside from taking plant medicines, we also gain physical and mental benefits from plants in many other ways, from walking in the woods or by the ocean... from tending our gardens... from improved air quality due to trees and plants thriving in the neighborhood... and the list goes on and on.

Surely you’ve experienced, and intuitively know it to be true, that plants can put you into a state of deep communion with the natural world. Simply being in their presence is healing and rejuvenating. Truly, plants are to people as water is to plants — simply indispensible.

In this special free event, Chanchal Cabrera, a medical herbalist, master gardener, and horticulture therapist with 35 years of clinical experience, will explain why herbs are critical for both personal and planetary health.

When we connect with the deep sentience, wisdom, and healing power within the plant “kin-dom,” our eyes are opened to new realms of knowledge, and we come home to our bodies and our lives in a different way.

While plants are essentially collections of chemistries, they are also energetic entities, obeying the laws of nature and integrating themselves into an ecosystem that shapes, informs, and nurtures them, and which they in turn shape, inform, and nurture.

Herbs and other plant medicines offer us hope, beauty, and the opportunity to create an intimate relationship with the Earth — one based on mutual respect and care.

Plants are the vehicles that bring us the energy of the sun and the nutrients of the soil that we need for life. Understanding their therapeutic powers gives us a deeper cosmological view and a more dynamic relationship with the life force around us. Medicinal plants in particular can help us cultivate more prana or chi, and heal and harmonize our bodily systems.

A Free Video Event
With Medical Herbalist
Chanchal Cabrera
Hosted by Plant Medicine Summit Host 
David Crow
Saturday, June 23, 2018
11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern
Location On-Line Event

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