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3 Keys to Guiding Past Life Regressions with Linda Backman

Learn about past life regression and explore how this potent, hypnosis-based modality can be a valuable tool in your healing practice or personal spiritual evolution.

Discover how this profound, soul-guided approach to assisting others can help uncover and heal karma (life challenges) and illuminate and celebrate dharma (your soul’s purpose).


There are many ways to get yourself “unstuck” and to help others break free of what’s keeping them from evolving, healing, and living the life they desire...

Yet, like the approaches to healing we often see in traditional medicine, many protocols used to help heal physical and emotional issues — though helpful — don’t always seek to uncover the true root of the problem.

That’s where past life exploration can be helpful...

It provides you with the opportunity to discover why you keep playing out the same self-sabotaging patterns or getting the same ailments in this lifetimeby looking at what transpired in your past lives.

In other words, it’s quick to uncover the source of karmic residue from the past you may need to look at and work through to get unstuck in your life today.

Past life exploration also offers a profound, soul-guided approach to delving into your unique gifts or soul’s purpose (dharma). These can be accomplishments you’ve had in past lives which inspire your affinity for something this time around — such as a love of music or special talent for writing or dancing.

And through a process called past life regression, you can help others open to guidance for discovering, perhaps, the earliest source of an emotional or physical challenge or the first glimmer of what inspires them most now.

Past life regression is a fascinating approach to personal growth that uses hypnosis to ease the client into a relaxed trance state. It helps us to bypass our egoic, “waking” mind and open to the wisdom of our higher Self and its soul guides.

Through past life regression, you can access important information from past lives to discover and help heal current wounds, find out why you’re stuck in your life now and how to unlatch, and illuminate how you can shine and thrive as you “remember” and revisit what your soul knows you love to do and are good at.

In this powerful hour with renowned author, psychologist, and regression therapist Dr. Linda Backman, you’ll discover three keys to guiding a past life regression — which can be a potent life-changing addition to a hypnotherapy or other healing practice as well as a profound means for accelerating your own spiritual and personal growth.

Plus, you’ll witness Linda guide an induction during this special mini-workshop!

A Free Video Event
With Renowned Author, Psychologist &
Regression Therapist 
Dr. Linda Backman
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern


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