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Discover the Next Level of Energy Medicine with Dr. Sue Morter

Discover your ability to remove the blocks to physical health, financial abundance, and intuitive guidance... and liberate the true healer and creator within you.

You don’t “have” energy. You ARE energy. Pure, Spirit energy.

The lives and teachings of mystics, philosophers, and healers through the ages have illuminated this fact.

For centuries, Chinese medicine has focused on restoring and balancing the flow of energy, or qi, along the body’s meridians. Ayurveda, hands-on healing traditions, shamanism, and other disciplines work with energy fields, too.

And now science, through quantum physics, also validates the existence of subtle fields of energy beyond matter, atoms, and swirling electrons.

The root cause of emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges — from stress at work to discord in relationships to chronic pain to financial lack — is energy; or rather, these challenges are the result of subtle blockages within your body’s energy field.

Yet, did you know YOU have an innate capacity to heal and create your entire life experience moment-by-moment?

To release “the story” your mind is telling you about what is and isn’t possible for you?

To fully master the energy that IS you?

It all begins with clearing and working with the energy patterns that form your inner and outer experiences.

According to Dr. Sue Morter, an energy medicine and bioenergetics pioneer, you’re meant to be an active, ever-present steward of this flow of energy...

The Energy Codes teaching combines conscious breathing exercises, energy work, and subtle body awareness toremove blockages in your nervous system and subconscious memory storage.

A world-renowned quantum-field visionary, Dr. Sue teaches people to recognize and work with the subconscious or unconscious lower frequency patterns that may be creating relationship issues, emotional stress, physical illness, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and more.

You can then “teach your mind” how to listen, perceive, and read your energy flow to access your true intuitive guidance.

You don’t need a guru and you don’t need a miracle. You ARE already both. 
— Dr. Sue Morter

The Energy Codes empower you to take full ownership of the energy that you are at your very core. They’re a powerful set of simple principles and practices, which take The Law of Attraction and “We Create Our Own Reality” to the next level.

And here’s what’s really amazing: healing of any kind, from your body to your relationships, is a byproduct of working out the kinks within your energy field.

No more “working on your issues,” or trying to “fix what’s broken.”

Instead, daily practices stimulate your central nervous system and electromagnetic field — opening the gateway between your conscious and subconscious mind.

The result is deep healing and an awakening to your true role as a co-creator of EVERYTHING in your life.

A Free Video Event
With Bioenergetic Medicine Pioneer 
Dr. Sue Morter
Saturday, July 14, 2018
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

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