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Becoming a Quantum Dreamer with Robert Moss

Discover advanced shamanic dreaming practices to journey into other realms and receive wisdom and gifts for your life.

Access guidance and healing to manifest your dreams, revitalize your health, and reclaim your natural psychic abilities.

Shamanic dreamers have known for millennia that we have the ability to access other dimensions and travel beyond present time into the future and past, a capacity used to gain survival information — for the benefit of the community — as well as tools for healing.

Dream shaman Robert Moss has coined a new term that marries this ancient wisdom with modern science: Quantum Dreaming.

Quantum Dreaming opens us to a new “dream yoga” — a practice of consciously journeying beyond the parameters of time to access information to help us better navigate the present.

As you develop your skills of Quantum Dreaming, you reclaim your natural psychic abilities and open the portal to a far more fascinating world.

You also gain new skills for manifestation. That’s because we swim, according to quantum physics, in a quantum sea of possibility. When you learn the skills to travel consciously into this “cosmic soup” of potentialities, you may find you are able to choose what future events you wish to manifest in your life.

Nobel laureate and quantum physics pioneer Wolfgang Paul called dreams his “secret laboratory.” When you learn to use your own night dreams in this way — not only in sleep but in liminal states between sleep and waking — you can create your own secret laboratory and creative studio, where you can find solutions for your life issues and dream up a richer, juicier life.

We also now have convincing scientific evidence of precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance and other supernormal abilities that come especially alive in dreaming. And these capabilities can evolve even further through the practice of Active Dreaming, Robert Moss’ original synthesis of contemporary dreamwork and primal shamanic methods for shifting and expanding awareness.

In the Dreamtime, we are released from conventional views of reality. We can travel beyond the body and the brain and bring back memories of the future and of other worlds.

During this compelling hour with Robert, you’ll discover simple and powerful practices for embarking on lucid dream journeys, as well as how to expand your awareness in everyday life by reading signs, symbols, and synchronicities in the world around you.

During this compelling hour with Robert, you’ll discover simple and powerful practices for embarking on lucid dream journeys, and you’ll find yourself more and more at home in non-local mind, where everything you need to know is waiting for you ready to be received.

A Free Virtual Event
With Bestselling Author & Dream Shaman Robert Moss
Saturday, July 28, 2018 
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern


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