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Discovering Medicinal Herbs for Better Brain Health with Mary Bove

Discover herbal brain boosters for improving your memory, slowing down the effects of aging, mitigating stress, and supporting your mood and mental clarity.

Understand the how’s and why’s behind the effectiveness of medicinal plants for brain health to confidently select the right herbs for you and those you love.

When you hit a certain age — 40, 50, 60 or beyond — you’ll likely start to notice changes in your memory and recall...

You may find it a little more difficult to stay focused and think on your feet...

Or maybe you notice changes in your mood... or can’t sleep through the night.

As a woman, these issues may occur during certain times of your monthly cycle, or you may not notice them until menopause.

AND no matter your age or sex, you’re undoubtedly dealing with stress...

Stress is an aging accelerator that’s, unfortunately, become a standard part of the human condition and linked to a number of significant health issues.

The bottomline is that we will all experience changes in our brain health as we age, which can affect our mental performance, including our memory, cognitive function, and mood.

The good news is that by being proactive about your brain health, you can slow down the natural progression of aging, mitigate the effects of hormone shifts, and support your mood and mental clarity — keeping your brain clear, sharp, and adaptable.

Exercise, a healthy diet, and stress reduction are important steps to a healthy, happy brain. Yet there are additional ways to reboot your brain power, boost your memory, and nurture your emotional health and resilience — with the proper use of medicinal herbs.

In Discovering Medicinal Herbs for Better Brain Health, herbalist, naturopathic physician and director of medical education at Gaia Herbs, Dr. Mary Bove, will share some of the most effective natural medicinals for your brain health — both preventative and symptom specific.

You’ll also gain an understanding of plant interaction with brain physiology and function, and how to use herbal remedies for the brain in your day-to-day.

A Free Video Event
With Herbalist, Naturopathic Physician 
& Director of Medical Education at Gaia Herbs
Mary Bove
Wednesday, August 15, 2018  5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

Location On-Line Event