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Liberating Practices to Enliven Your Full, Wild, Radiant Self with Camille Maurine

Experience movement meditation to lovingly nourish yourself and sync up with the healthy balance and flow of your body.

Liberate feelings of freedom, wellbeing, and joy... with a practice unique to your needs, supportive of your inner resilience, and liberating to who you truly are.

You have an unprecedented capacity to experience freedom and self-empowerment...

As a woman at this time, you face opportunities and challenges like never before... and may feel a sense of urgency to share your wisdom and love in new and transformative ways.

Answering this call requires embracing your full Self — your passion and serenity, strength and vulnerability. It includes accessing your deep inner resources to navigate the challenges that arise.

Embodied practices — designed for women — can provide unparalleled support for this adventure.

The wild truth is that we are movement on every level...

Thoughts flow, brains have waves, neurons fire, blood and lymph circulate, cells dance, hormones surge.

Movement is how the intelligence of the body sustains our health and vitality. This is our nature — a brilliant evolutionary design.

When you can step away from your outer world (work, family, relationships) and unhook from your mind’s thought loops — on the state of the world, your personal challenges, health, aging — to enter your inner world, you open the door to this innate sense of wellbeing.

You also become aware of what is going on inside you...

You can notice, perhaps, anxiety, exhaustion, tension, disappointment, or grief in your body and heart.

You may discover that you’re carrying toxic energies picked up from others, or from the chaotic world around you. One way or the other, stress may have hijacked your nervous system and sense of wellbeing.

Yet, renowned meditation teacher, dancer, and integrative energy practitioner Camille Maurine has discovered, over her decades of teaching meditation to women, that, especially for women, simply observing our inner Self with mindfulness is not enough.

As a woman, you need ways to participate with your inner movement — that dynamic inner flow of the human body — and to embrace and dance with all of who you are.

Embodied movement meditation offers us ways to meet ourselves no matter what is going on in or around us, allowing us to clear our energies and move into a healthy balance and flow.

Subtle and expressive movement meditations offer you ways to tap into and cultivate the resilience you need for your body to move in any direction, and can help you free yourself emotionally and physically to “move” as you desire in the greater world — to embrace yourself and your life more fully.

During this 60-minute, online mini-workshop with Camille, you’ll discover tips for becoming what she calls “healthy in meditation” and in your outer expression of your full authentic Self.

A Free Video Event
With Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Teacher,
Author, and Speaker 
Camille Maurine
Saturday, August 18, 2018   10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern


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